barely bridal #11 כולה כלה

about six month before Yael and I got married in the Jem’s Beer Factory  and we wrote about that dress and that event here, we had to get legally married and decided to go old school. We wore vintage suits and dresses, everyone sported a mustache, we had burekas and marinated herring, it was chill and perfect, much more than we could expect from a visit to the rabbinate.
we asked Yael about her dress and about the wedding.

BPX_30261. what’s the story behind the dress?
–  I looked for something simple that could work well with the Jewish vintage style we were going for at the time we were living in China. actually in China finding a white dress is easy in the summer, but it was already autumn so it wasn’t that easy.

BPX_30132. where did you get it?
– H&M and I also wanted a top, that we found one night walking home from the supermarket. In Ningbo, you can’t find a cab at 6pm, because everyone is on a supper break, so we walked through the small streets and found the top in a small shop that we’ve never been to before and never been to since. It was sized XL, about the size of a M in Israel.

BPX_2997BPX_2999a3. Price?
– the dress was about $40 and the top probably another $50

BPX_3034BPX_30324. Any regrets?
– of course not. it was stunning

BPX_30465. What’s a wedding dress for you?
– Something far from reality.

Yael and I. on our wedding day. November 2011.

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Gal Melnick

Orly and Amir

I totally forgot how much fun and how funny it was to shoot this wedding. I met Amir while shooting another hysterical wedding, and got a better glimpse into their lives when I asked them to put on the table a few things that will symbolize for them and their friends who they are and how well they work together to shoot this save-the-date photo:

keep calm and save the date-2
a couple of clicks and about two hours of stories about every little thing in this picture and a few things that aren’t in this picture and I felt I was ready to shoot their wedding.
BPX_1060 BPX_1061 BPX_1115 BPX_1140 BPX_1152 BPX_1153 BPX_1154 BPX_1270 BPX_1342 BPX_1398 BPX_1399 BPX_1408 BPX_1410 BPX_1443 BPX_1447 BPX_1476 BPX_1500 BPX_1523 BPX_1528 BPX_1568 BPX_1586 BPX_1592 BPX_1638 BPX_1663 BPX_1679 BPX_1706 BPX_1724 BPX_1740 BPX_1751 BPX_1834 BPX_1852 BPX_2213 BPX_1993 BPX_2013 BPX_2029 BPX_2034 BPX_2140 BPX_2152 BPX_2175 BPX_2178 BPX_2180 BPX_2214 BPX_2243 BPX_2256 BPX_2270 BPX_2279 BPX_2297 BPX_2301 BPX_2320 BPX_2327 BPX_2340 BPX_2436 BPX_2452 BPX_2484 orly and amir blog collages2BPX_2499 BPX_2504 BPX_2506 orly and amir blog collages3BPX_2554 orly and amir blog collagesBPX_2567 BPX_2584 BPX_2590 BPX_2611 BPX_2619 orly and amir blog collages10orly and amir blog collages6BPX_2624 BPX_2628 orly and amir blog collages7orly and amir blog collages9BPX_2641 BPX_2644 orly and amir blog collages8orly and amir blog collages4BPX_2647 BPX_2649 BPX_2658 BPX_2661 BPX_2665 BPX_2686 BPX_2699 BPX_2701 orly and amir blog collages5BPX_2711 BPX_2715 orly and amir blog collages11BPX_2718 BPX_2722 BPX_2728 BPX_2768 orly and amir blog collages13BPX_2778 BPX_2784 BPX_2799 BPX_2807 BPX_2814 orly and amir blog collages12BPX_2829 BPX_2832 BPX_2852 BPX_2860 BPX_2864 BPX_2872 orly and amir blog collages14BPX_2883 BPX_2888 BPX_2911 BPX_2947 BPX_3395 BPX_3408 BPX_3413

Liat and Safi

Liat and Safi’s wedding celebration was very special. They didn’t want to have a big event, just something simple and small with the two families. In a way something very old school, celebrating in the back yard of the house he grew up in and taking pictures where they plan to build a house one day, but on the other hand it was very avant-garde.

Big wedding are the norm, anyone doing something even just a bit different is considered radical, but why not? why throw all that money away? why not do something fun (and delicious) with the people you love? This happened to be the smallest wedding I shot with 14 adults (stealing the title from a 23 guest wedding last winter) but this wedding was much more than a wedding to shoot.

Together with Liat and Safi, I helped them put together everything they wanted, I got Tom, a good friend of mine, and an incredibly talented chef to run the show in the kitchen, and a show it was. We branded this whole event from menus to beer labels (on home brewed beer that i made, of course) and gave everyone involved an afternoon they’ll never forget.

BPX_3788 BPX_3789 BPX_3809 BPX_3841 BPX_3850 BPX_3860 BPX_3883 BPX_3884 BPX_3897 BPX_3902  BPX_3922 BPX_3982 BPX_3987 BPX_4003 BPX_4028 BPX_4035 BPX_4039 BPX_4042 BPX_4074 BPX_4093 BPX_4117 BPX_4122 BPX_4132 BPX_4133 BPX_4134 BPX_4183 BPX_4184 BPX_4200 BPX_4387 BPX_4401 BPX_4463 BPX_4508 BPX_4637 BPX_4638 BPX_4678 BPX_4743 BPX_4747 BPX_4777 BPX_4797 BPX_4800 BPX_4839 BPX_4862 BPX_4874 BPX_4905 BPX_4928 BPX_5061 BPX_5062 BPX_5162 BPX_5163 BPX_5164 BPX_5198 BPX_5263 BPX_5264 BPX_5265 BPX_5286 BPX_5337 BPX_5421 BPX_5422 BPX_5497 BPX_5498  BPX_5500 BPX_5519 BPX_5632 BPX_5637

night at the museum

TEDER.FM closed their 6th season with an amazing event in the Tel Aviv Museum.
The place was packed and sometimes it felt like we’re walking around in one of those huge raves in an old abandoned factory and then kinda shaking your head and realizing you’re in the museum. The event went on in several locations across the museum and all the regular galleries were open… you’d walk around, lose your friends, see some cool art, grab a beer, meet up again randomly.
The highlight of the evening was of course Kid Koala, who played in Tel Aviv for the third time and every time he came was nothing short of amazing, the music, his skills and his show. It’s always breathtaking and just tons of fun.
good job, TEDER crew! see you next season.

BPX_8343 BPX_8351 BPX_8353 BPX_8356 BPX_8360 BPX_8373 BPX_8377 BPX_8378 BPX_8380 BPX_8381 BPX_8383 BPX_8387 BPX_8391 BPX_8393 BPX_8397 BPX_8401 BPX_8410 BPX_8411 BPX_8413 BPX_8414 BPX_8416 BPX_8418 BPX_8419 BPX_8426 BPX_8427 BPX_8428 BPX_8435 BPX_8442 BPX_8443 BPX_8449 BPX_8452 BPX_8456 BPX_8457 BPX_8459 BPX_8463 BPX_8465 BPX_8466 BPX_8468 BPX_8471 BPX_8474 BPX_8478 BPX_8481 BPX_8487 BPX_8488 BPX_8491 BPX_8494 BPX_8497 BPX_8500 BPX_8503 BPX_8506 BPX_8511 BPX_8517 BPX_8518 BPX_8519 BPX_8522 BPX_8526 BPX_8536 BPX_8538 BPX_8541 BPX_8543 BPX_8550 BPX_8557 BPX_8559 BPX_8568 BPX_8583 BPX_8340

Ravit and Elad

I love winter weddings. First of all, because Israel doesn’t have that much of a winter, and it makes much better sense to dress up and look good in the winter, not that I have anything against wearing shorts and looking formal, I’m a big fan, but most people don’t attack the local heat that way.
Even though, the winter isn’t hard, there’s something cozy and fun about an event with friends and family eating, dancing, drinking, and celebrating together while it’s raining outside. The little bit of rain we get, is not enough to really ruin your plans, but enough to make the streets look clean, the air to smell good and to add that hint of elegance that is really hard to achieve with the million degree heat we get here in the summers.

Ravit and Elad’s wedding had all that. Elad Ron is an amazing DJ and a personal friend, we’ve worked together for many years in raves, clubs, roof parties, bars and now even weddings; he’s also one of the leading DJs in the Israeli wedding scene, he played in my wedding, and also in a lot of my friends’ weddings. He founded Zebra Music and their all star lineup tore of the dance floor for hours; started early, finished late… like there was any other way to go?

ravit and elad ron20150116105718-BPX_197020150116110822-BPX_1995 20150116112133-BPX_2054 20150116112305-BPX_2062

ravit and elad ron2

20150116115008-BPX_2279 20150116113550-BPX_2147 20150116113631-BPX_2153 20150116113833-BPX_2170 20150116113900-BPX_2189 20150116114243-BPX_2214 20150116114647-BPX_2224 20150116114809-BPX_2254
ravit and elad ron3
20150116141604-BPX_2865 20150116135206-BPX_2732 20150116140240-BPX_2811 20150116141112-BPX_2837
ravit and elad ron4 20150116150253-BPX_2905 20150116150614-BPX_2955 20150116151048-BPX_3016 20150116151122-BPX_3031 20150116151455-BPX_3089 20150116152111-BPX_3167 20150116152558-BPX_3217 20150116152622-BPX_3221 20150116153923-BPX_3258 20150116154112-BPX_3264 20150116154717-BPX_3298 20150116155049-BPX_3327 20150116155631-BPX_3374 20150116155929-BPX_3391 20150116160105-BPX_3400 20150116161517-BPX_3552 20150116161948-BPX_3572 20150116162047-BPX_3584 20150116163202-BPX_3639 20150116163326-BPX_3646 20150116163427-BPX_3681 20150116163516-BPX_3698 20150116163749-BPX_3758 20150116164203-BPX_3819 20150116164556-BPX_3887 20150116164623-BPX_3894 20150116165003-BPX_3910 20150116165412-BPX_3943 20150116170128-BPX_3947 20150116170251-BPX_3970 20150116170348-BPX_3982 20150116170407-BPX_3983 20150116171451-BPX_4026 20150116171717-BPX_4031  20150116172001-BPX_4041 20150116172009-BPX_4043   20150116173655-BPX_4096 20150116174003-BPX_4107 20150116174025-BPX_4111 20150116174614-BPX_4146 20150116174629-BPX_4149 20150116174640-BPX_4151 20150116174659-BPX_4156
ravit and elad ron6
ravit and elad ron520150116175347-BPX_423720150116180749-BPX_428720150116180840-BPX_429320150116180917-BPX_429520150116181245-BPX_430220150116181342-BPX_430920150116181707-BPX_431520150116182448-BPX_432420150116182532-BPX_432920150116182616-BPX_434120150116183657-BPX_444020150116185514-BPX_446920150116194825-BPX_459620150116195338-BPX_463020150116200530-BPX_466320150116203303-BPX_4857

venue: Avigdor
DJs: Aviel Brant, Nadav Agami, Idan Gavriel of Zebra Music
Live: Alla-One
Video: Beardwalker

i wanna riot!

hopped over to galit last night to see the vans shop riot. a skateboarding contest where the skaters skate for 6 minute sessions and compete as a team. it was a great opportunity to see everyone, see galit park in full capacity and getting ripped to pieces by the best skateshop teams in the country, and of course, enjoy good music and beer in the park. who could ask for more?
BPX_6820 BPX_6822 BPX_6826  BPX_6831 BPX_6837 BPX_6842 BPX_6844 BPX_6853 BPX_6859 BPX_6868 BPX_6872 BPX_6873 BPX_6882 BPX_6891 BPX_6896BPX_6892  BPX_6905 BPX_6908 BPX_6909 BPX_6914 BPX_6927 BPX_6928 BPX_6945 BPX_6950 BPX_6952  BPX_6958 BPX_6960 BPX_6962 BPX_6971 BPX_6998 BPX_7032  BPX_7069 BPX_7101 BPX_7056
team wheely in third placeBPX_7161 BPX_7164
boarderline came in secondBPX_7179

and team gili’s took the grand prize and will compete in europe representing israel.BPX_7189

getting ready for summer with Ira and Tommy

I met Ira Simonov at the champagne room opening I shot a couple of months ago. She loves taking pictures, she loves fashion and she loves getting stuff done. She blogs about fashion a lot and is a total force on instagram. so naturally, we drank some champagne, shot some pictures and talked about doing it again… and after a while she wrote me and asked if i want to get together and shoot something, she said she wanted to go to the Tommy Hilfiger store to check out some of their stuff for summer and we should go together.
she called again a few days later and asked if i was free the following week… then she said “forget it, want to shoot tomorrow?” and so we did. busy times call for drastic measures, we rolled over to the shop in Sarona and shot in that area… in and out.

BPX_5083 BPX_5123 BPX_5134 BPX_5145 BPX_5148 BPX_5200 BPX_5282 BPX_5288 BPX_5301 BPX_5311 BPX_5316 BPX_5338 BPX_4985 BPX_4997 BPX_5001 BPX_5005 BPX_5027 BPX_5035 BPX_5052

Photography: Elad Baranga

Jewelry: Shiree Odiz

Watches: Emboss Watches

Sunglasses: Dior

and Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream fragrance

and the post on Ira’s blog :


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