Ravit and Elad

I love winter weddings. First of all, because Israel doesn’t have that much of a winter, and it makes much better sense to dress up and look good in the winter, not that I have anything against wearing shorts and looking formal, I’m a big fan, but most people don’t attack the local heat that way.
Even though, the winter isn’t hard, there’s something cozy and fun about an event with friends and family eating, dancing, drinking, and celebrating together while it’s raining outside. The little bit of rain we get, is not enough to really ruin your plans, but enough to make the streets look clean, the air to smell good and to add that hint of elegance that is really hard to achieve with the million degree heat we get here in the summers.

Ravit and Elad’s wedding had all that. Elad Ron is an amazing DJ and a personal friend, we’ve worked together for many years in raves, clubs, roof parties, bars and now even weddings; he’s also one of the leading DJs in the Israeli wedding scene, he played in my wedding, and also in a lot of my friends’ weddings. He founded Zebra Music and their all star lineup tore of the dance floor for hours; started early, finished late… like there was any other way to go?

ravit and elad ron20150116105718-BPX_197020150116110822-BPX_1995 20150116112133-BPX_2054 20150116112305-BPX_2062

ravit and elad ron2

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ravit and elad ron3
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ravit and elad ron6
ravit and elad ron520150116175347-BPX_423720150116180749-BPX_428720150116180840-BPX_429320150116180917-BPX_429520150116181245-BPX_430220150116181342-BPX_430920150116181707-BPX_431520150116182448-BPX_432420150116182532-BPX_432920150116182616-BPX_434120150116183657-BPX_444020150116185514-BPX_446920150116194825-BPX_459620150116195338-BPX_463020150116200530-BPX_466320150116203303-BPX_4857

venue: Avigdor
DJs: Aviel Brant, Nadav Agami, Idan Gavriel of Zebra Music
Live: Alla-One
Video: Beardwalker

i wanna riot!

hopped over to galit last night to see the vans shop riot. a skateboarding contest where the skaters skate for 6 minute sessions and compete as a team. it was a great opportunity to see everyone, see galit park in full capacity and getting ripped to pieces by the best skateshop teams in the country, and of course, enjoy good music and beer in the park. who could ask for more?
BPX_6820 BPX_6822 BPX_6826  BPX_6831 BPX_6837 BPX_6842 BPX_6844 BPX_6853 BPX_6859 BPX_6868 BPX_6872 BPX_6873 BPX_6882 BPX_6891 BPX_6896BPX_6892  BPX_6905 BPX_6908 BPX_6909 BPX_6914 BPX_6927 BPX_6928 BPX_6945 BPX_6950 BPX_6952  BPX_6958 BPX_6960 BPX_6962 BPX_6971 BPX_6998 BPX_7032  BPX_7069 BPX_7101 BPX_7056
team wheely in third placeBPX_7161 BPX_7164
boarderline came in secondBPX_7179

and team gili’s took the grand prize and will compete in europe representing israel.BPX_7189

getting ready for summer with Ira and Tommy

I met Ira Simonov at the champagne room opening I shot a couple of months ago. She loves taking pictures, she loves fashion and she loves getting stuff done. She blogs about fashion a lot and is a total force on instagram. so naturally, we drank some champagne, shot some pictures and talked about doing it again… and after a while she wrote me and asked if i want to get together and shoot something, she said she wanted to go to the Tommy Hilfiger store to check out some of their stuff for summer and we should go together.
she called again a few days later and asked if i was free the following week… then she said “forget it, want to shoot tomorrow?” and so we did. busy times call for drastic measures, we rolled over to the shop in Sarona and shot in that area… in and out.

BPX_5083 BPX_5123 BPX_5134 BPX_5145 BPX_5148 BPX_5200 BPX_5282 BPX_5288 BPX_5301 BPX_5311 BPX_5316 BPX_5338 BPX_4985 BPX_4997 BPX_5001 BPX_5005 BPX_5027 BPX_5035 BPX_5052

Photography: Elad Baranga

Jewelry: Shiree Odiz

Watches: Emboss Watches

Sunglasses: Dior

and Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream fragrance

and the post on Ira’s blog :http://irasimonov.com/2015/03/10/can-you-feel-its-spring/

barely bridal 10 כולה כלה

we took a way too long break with the barely bridal project, but we’re detremined to get back on track, post the dresses we have, tell the stories, and start working on future shoots.
we’re stepping back into action with Adi Richter who knew what she wanted to spend more money on and what she didn’t. she got married in this beautiful dress and here’s what she has to say about it:
1. So what’s the story?
– I always thought it was a bit too much to spend thousands on a dress that will be used for only a few hours, so when I started looking my goal was not to spend more than $300. I decided that in my wedding it is more important for me to put the emphasis on the people I work with throughout the event, and the dress, well, there are so many dresses, I’m sure i’ll find one that will work.
2. Who made the dress? how long did it take to find/decide/choose?
– after some good hard summer hours, I almost gave up and then entered ‘Magic’, a store on Dizengof, that isn’t aimed specifically for wedding gowns, but that’s where I found mine- simple, not too white, chiffon, and comfortable. And after I decided to buy it, they didn’t mind sewing some lace I brought in.

3. Price?
– all in all, with the lace and alterations, $200.

4. Any regrets?
– no. I would regret spending more than I can afford ;)

5. A wedding dress for you is?
– A dress for an event. The most important event in the world.

Adi and Oz on their wedding day. Photo by  Liron Erel

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Sivan Mast


the 2015 elections in Israel were extemely interesting for many reasons. When they announced we’re going to elections again after two years, i thought “here we go again” nothings going to change, why should we even bother. But a few things changed my mind. the most important one, was V15, a non partisan political organization calling people to wake up and make israel a better place by bringing back the hope in the political system, going out to vote, and attempting to shift the political conversation more to the left, the more liberal, cultural, peace driven, anti-violence, pro-education side of the map.
I had the incredible opportunity to be part of this amazing team, taking pictures of the activity all over the country, providing the material for Shachar B. Cotani’s graphic design team and the creative department to create powerful messages online,  and turning in a few short months from someone who thinks we’re doomed and the elections won’t change anything to someone who travels the country to talk to people and convince them how important it is to go out and vote and to get their friends and family to do the same.
V15’s ultimate goal was not met. Benjamin Netanyahu is still the prime minister of Israel, but the information gathered, the people recruited and the energy levels are just the beginning of something great.
11045309_844581828937461_885453077315825645_o 11046841_842897319105912_4626524799494298217_o 11050808_844582252270752_4873129429962075585_o 1617651_844695202259457_4691817899647817915_o 1799967_843723265689984_4665512734441423619_o 1900198_839864236075887_7463377122562044131_o 1960831_844747695587541_3535981186346766545_o 10428106_843721425690168_2764360068597751361_o 10835425_829988347063476_4390946933374740485_o 10838127_829676977094613_4491511539943880265_o 10849080_844693858926258_4192959801900638271_o 10903885_839591579436486_710521826083128978_o 10919772_822052174523760_6135774959545314988_o 10925485_826798560715788_5700591515146324978_o 10952927_842914425770868_8268589575911875896_o 10989185_823756057686705_504234872913259435_o 11000033_833763500019294_8756372337659367349_o 11008486_843823482346629_8088055888350506006_o 11010614_846076635454647_775478701949153086_o 11024635_842888059106838_7989802262178730958_o 11025870_835641699831474_7779867029759472489_o 11026255_842919285770382_4676524574670291929_o 11041833_840675155994795_7226059678430300600_o 11043123_840673965994914_7351955435522908481_o 11044600_844680428927601_9093918653718595103_o

Shula and Omer

when i first met with Shula and Omer to talk about their wedding, we hardly talked about their wedding, we hardly even talked about wedding photography, we talked for easily two hours maybe even longer without noticing, about food, about cooking, about baking, how they met working in the same restaurant, we went over Omer’s instagram account filled with pictures of amazing and exotic ingredients in the kitchen, I showed them my food blog, showed off my new kitchen, we also talked a little about the punkrock scene, and how I know Shula for about a decade now, about world travel, living abroad, having kids, twerking and dancing on poles.
talking about kids was very relevant for me, because my baby girl was just 4 days old when they came to visit, and Shula made us the most amazingly rich chocolate with chocolate crust pie with caramelized nuts  and crunchy toffee. when it was getting late, and it was time to leave, they told me their date and venue and that was it.

the pie Shula made and we only ate after they left was automatically crowned as on of the best pieces of pastry my wife and I can remember and Omer also invited us to dine at the Social Club where he cooks and where we took the pictures and it also received a very warm spot in our hearts,  a place we really enjoy returning to for dinner or even just a quick bite and a cocktail.

BPX_9089 BPX_9137 BPX_9162 BPX_9168 BPX_9230 BPX_9241 BPX_9265 BPX_9268 BPX_9279 BPX_9281 BPX_9296 BPX_9328 BPX_9333 BPX_9366 BPX_9371 BPX_9373 BPX_9426 BPX_9434 BPX_9439 BPX_9441 BPX_9445 BPX_9452 BPX_9470 BPX_9503 BPX_9507 BPX_9511 BPX_9541 BPX_9552 BPX_9573 BPX_9591 BPX_9617 BPX_9620 BPX_9631 BPX_9640 BPX_9646 BPX_9653 BPX_9677 BPX_9679 BPX_9687 BPX_9689

BPX_0031 BPX_0038 BPX_0066 BPX_0083 (2) BPX_0120 BPX_0145 BPX_0170 BPX_0205 BPX_0254 BPX_0403 BPX_0445 BPX_0470 BPX_0486 BPX_0542 BPX_0548 BPX_0549 BPX_0553 BPX_0569 BPX_0580 BPX_0650 BPX_0761 BPX_0800 BPX_0828 BPX_0884 BPX_0944 BPX_1029 BPX_1141 BPX_1178 BPX_1229 BPX_1256 BPX_1257 BPX_1274 BPX_1304 BPX_1314 BPX_1455 BPX_1475 BPX_1479 BPX_1499 BPX_1645 BPX_1758 BPX_1979 BPX_1996

Shlomit & Omer // The Wedding Highlights from Beard Black Films on Vimeo.

photography: elad baranga / barangapix

additional photography: noa magger

video: beard black films

music: elad ron / zebra music

venue : 7

what’s the FUSS?

FUSS is the kind of brand that really makes me happy about what i do. Coming up with concepts for shooting and working with an amazing team, having fun on shoots that result in clean, simple, exciting photos.
Shooting for FUSS fills me with energy and I can’t wait for our next session together!
I feel connected to the brand, I wear their jacket when i ride my bike and get endless compliments about it.
I guess that’s what all the FUSS is about =)

BPX_6461 BPX_6468 BPX_6495 BPX_6520 BPX_6547 BPX_6561 BPX_6564 BPX_6566 BPX_6577 BPX_6605 BPX_6642 BPX_6659 BPX_6672 BPX_6720 BPX_6733 BPX_6735 BPX_6741 BPX_6749 BPX_6759 BPX_6763 BPX_6769 BPX_6772 BPX_6792 BPX_6803 BPX_6835 BPX_6843 BPX_6852 BPX_6864 BPX_6869 BPX_6881 BPX_6886 BPX_6905 BPX_6906 BPX_6914

you can buy FUSS jackets and bags online: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Welovefuss
and check out their website
model: gal melnick
hair and makeup: ronelle goshen
photography: elad baranga


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