the 2015 elections in Israel were extemely interesting for many reasons. When they announced we’re going to elections again after two years, i thought “here we go again” nothings going to change, why should we even bother. But a few things changed my mind. the most important one, was V15, a non partisan political organization calling people to wake up and make israel a better place by bringing back the hope in the political system, going out to vote, and attempting to shift the political conversation more to the left, the more liberal, cultural, peace driven, anti-violence, pro-education side of the map.
I had the incredible opportunity to be part of this amazing team, taking pictures of the activity all over the country, providing the material for Shachar B. Cotani’s graphic design team and the creative department to create powerful messages online,  and turning in a few short months from someone who thinks we’re doomed and the elections won’t change anything to someone who travels the country to talk to people and convince them how important it is to go out and vote and to get their friends and family to do the same.
V15’s ultimate goal was not met. Benjamin Netanyahu is still the prime minister of Israel, but the information gathered, the people recruited and the energy levels are just the beginning of something great.
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