Orly and Amir

I totally forgot how much fun and how funny it was to shoot this wedding. I met Amir while shooting another hysterical wedding, and got a better glimpse into their lives when I asked them to put on the table a few things that will symbolize for them and their friends who they are and how well they work together to shoot this save-the-date photo:

keep calm and save the date-2
a couple of clicks and about two hours of stories about every little thing in this picture and a few things that aren’t in this picture and I felt I was ready to shoot their wedding.
BPX_1060 BPX_1061 BPX_1115 BPX_1140 BPX_1152 BPX_1153 BPX_1154 BPX_1270 BPX_1342 BPX_1398 BPX_1399 BPX_1408 BPX_1410 BPX_1443 BPX_1447 BPX_1476 BPX_1500 BPX_1523 BPX_1528 BPX_1568 BPX_1586 BPX_1592 BPX_1638 BPX_1663 BPX_1679 BPX_1706 BPX_1724 BPX_1740 BPX_1751 BPX_1834 BPX_1852 BPX_2213 BPX_1993 BPX_2013 BPX_2029 BPX_2034 BPX_2140 BPX_2152 BPX_2175 BPX_2178 BPX_2180 BPX_2214 BPX_2243 BPX_2256 BPX_2270 BPX_2279 BPX_2297 BPX_2301 BPX_2320 BPX_2327 BPX_2340 BPX_2436 BPX_2452 BPX_2484 orly and amir blog collages2BPX_2499 BPX_2504 BPX_2506 orly and amir blog collages3BPX_2554 orly and amir blog collagesBPX_2567 BPX_2584 BPX_2590 BPX_2611 BPX_2619 orly and amir blog collages10orly and amir blog collages6BPX_2624 BPX_2628 orly and amir blog collages7orly and amir blog collages9BPX_2641 BPX_2644 orly and amir blog collages8orly and amir blog collages4BPX_2647 BPX_2649 BPX_2658 BPX_2661 BPX_2665 BPX_2686 BPX_2699 BPX_2701 orly and amir blog collages5BPX_2711 BPX_2715 orly and amir blog collages11BPX_2718 BPX_2722 BPX_2728 BPX_2768 orly and amir blog collages13BPX_2778 BPX_2784 BPX_2799 BPX_2807 BPX_2814 orly and amir blog collages12BPX_2829 BPX_2832 BPX_2852 BPX_2860 BPX_2864 BPX_2872 orly and amir blog collages14BPX_2883 BPX_2888 BPX_2911 BPX_2947 BPX_3395 BPX_3408 BPX_3413

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