mor and pipe

Mor married Amit, but I know him as Pipe, and have known him for many years, from being a turntablism scratch prodigy and rocking out in the biggest hip hop parties and live events and now that he teaches the next generation of DJs.
When he told me he’s going to get married, I knew it’s going to be a blast. Taking their pictures on the beach with their boards was fun, but i knew the best was yet to come with a bunch of the hottest local DJs on their guest list, who got up the stand one after the other and in several occasions even a few together, including our groom.mor and pipe blog collagesmor and pipe blog collages220150709152434-BPX_660120150709154122-BPX_668220150709154001-BPX_666020150709155121-BPX_681220150709173322-BPX_6962mor and pipe blog collages420150709154629-BPX_673020150709173210-BPX_6952mor and pipe blog collages320150709172651-BPX_687220150709181447-BPX_712220150709181416-BPX_711020150709173926-BPX_7009mor and pipe blog collages5mor and pipe blog collages6mor and pipe blog collages7mor and pipe blog collages820150709200122-BPX_751420150709195353-BPX_743720150709200200-IMG_393120150709200208-BPX_752220150709201135-BPX_758920150709201512-BPX_760020150709213012-BPX_776420150709202921-BPX_763620150709202941-BPX_764320150709224441-BPX_816420150709224340-BPX_815220150709224132-BPX_8128mor and pipe blog collages920150709225939-BPX_828620150709213715-BPX_7805mor and pipe blog collages1020150709223919-BPX_811020150709234316-BPX_8465mor and pipe blog collages1120150709231547-BPX_837520150709214132-BPX_782220150709221006-BPX_796020150709221734-BPX_801520150709225349-BPX_823420150709232009-BPX_839720150709224456-BPX_816820150709230447-BPX_830720150709213836-BPX_7812mor and pipe blog collages1320150709220624-BPX_7935mor and pipe blog collages1520150709225755-BPX_825320150709233449-BPX_8439mor and pipe blog collages1420150709214739-BPX_7879mor and pipe blog collages1220150709231619-BPX_837820150709235258-BPX_852120150710002953-BPX_860520150710003006-BPX_860820150710002936-BPX_860320150710004331-BPX_8640

Mor & Amit // The Wedding Highlights from Beardwalker on Vimeo.


barely bridal #12 כולה כלה

Lital and Nir had a small wedding that was fortunate to take part of. Their wedding was fun and laid back and was exactly what we talk about in the barely bridal project. And as if being chill wasn’t enough, Lital’s answers and story behind the dress are simply perfect.barely bridal 12  blog collagesbarely bridal 12  blog collages2
1. what’s the story behind the dress?
– for the life of god I never wanted a dress with a story, but when we decided to get married my mom suggested her well-kept dress, and that was easy and available, but the rest of the story is that we started telling ourselves how we’re going to pass it on from generation to generation,  and that’s a bonus, less of what’s the story, more like who.
BPX_2428BPX_2437-2BPX_24612. who made it? where did you get it?
-oh, good thing you asked, the dress was made by Aunt Jinet, who isn’t actually my mom’s aunt, but a holocaust survivor friend of my grandfather, rest his soul. Aunt Jinet was a seamstress, her and her partner never had kids, so as long as my mother can remember, she would promise her that when the time comes she will sew her wedding dress. I don’t know how much my mother took this threat seriously, but when she returned to France with the new about her marrying my dad, Aunt Jinet jumped up with the measuring tape and the rest is history. But I can’t really stop here, because even though my mom’s English lace selection was stunning, her wedding was in the 80s, meaning that there was enough of it to build a small tent, especially around the shoulder area, and of course a thick-thick belt that was finished with a huge gift style bow in the back. I tried it on, my dad laughed and almost choked, and said “it looks very modest”. Luckily, I reached out to Odelia Arnold, a fashion designer who’s talent cannot be described in words, she totally took apart the dress and was very attentive before reconstructing in to the stunning result before you.BPX_2487
3. how long did it take to make?
– the second time around was six weeks from our first meeting with two measurement sessions. The first time, Im guessing it took a while, even though Aunt Jinet was ready for it for 26 years, I can assume it was pretty quick.BPX_2497
4. price?
– $200 for the alterations, the first time around was free + emotional taxes.
5. any regrest?
– far from it.
6. A wedding dress for you is?
– not a big deal. My mom was actually the first one to get married in a white dress after my grandmother and great grandmother were even more undermining than we were and got married in pants. I think it’s mainly cool if you can make it into a family thing and load it with a personal story. I wish I’ll be able to pass it on to someone from the next generation to do whatever her heart pleases with it.
another thing is that i think a wedding dress in general is quite embarrassing from its roots, and I don’t see any purpose in adding drama to it. Who are you, women who get married in kawabanga and crystal dresses that cost like half an apartment?BPX_2526

Lital and Nir on their wedding day

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Gal Pollak
flower and stuff: Arbel Eshed
location: Sura Mare
Jewelry : Knobbly

Tal and Elad

Tal and Elad like having a good time and it shows. Their wedding was on an incredibly hot day, and we wanted to shoot them near their apartment in central Tel Aviv,  so we went to their favorite breakfast spot (where they actually had breakfast that morning) we hopped on a bus, got pizza, went to shopping plaza, danced in the street and had fun with any idea or location that popped to mind.
Later that evening, Avigdor was filled with over-the-top energy and a ton of photos that were hard to choose from.
20150507131529-BPX_240820150507133020-BPX_2417tal and elad blog collages20150507143236-BPX_250620150507143424-BPX_2513tal and elad blog collages2tal and elad blog collages320150507153255-BPX_264420150507155620-BPX_272520150507153815-BPX_270220150507154323-BPX_2717tal and elad blog collages420150507160146-BPX_277420150507162939-BPX_305120150507163117-BPX_306020150507163235-BPX_3083tal and elad blog collages520150507162715-BPX_302820150507162245-BPX_299820150507162122-BPX_2979tal and elad blog collages620150507163607-BPX_312920150507163845-BPX_315920150507164013-BPX_317820150507164434-BPX_320420150507164456-BPX_322220150507164706-BPX_327020150507170110-BPX_342620150507170111-BPX_343020150507170351-BPX_345620150507174526-BPX_362720150507170357-BPX_346020150507170437-BPX_346520150507170907-BPX_350020150507171257-BPX_354220150507171317-BPX_3549tal and elad blog collages720150507165147-BPX_334220150507161139-BPX_292620150507175209-BPX_370520150507175119-BPX_368420150507183618-BPX_382020150507183910-BPX_384120150507185034-BPX_393420150507184517-BPX_387420150507184638-BPX_389320150507190239-BPX_396220150507200348-BPX_404120150507201525-BPX_405320150507201616-BPX_405720150507203100-BPX_4091
20150507205255-BPX_413220150507205322-BPX_4139tal and elad blog collages820150507210705-BPX_425720150507211126-BPX_429820150507211214-BPX_431220150507213323-BPX_435920150507213353-BPX_438020150507214056-BPX_444620150507215300-BPX_450320150507223043-BPX_471320150507224522-BPX_478720150507224840-BPX_480820150507225152-BPX_483820150507225444-BPX_486820150507231617-BPX_501020150507232205-BPX_503220150507233349-BPX_507320150507233415-BPX_507820150507233640-BPX_510120150507233913-BPX_513120150507234107-BPX_5164tal and elad blog collages1220150507234222-BPX_520020150507234824-BPX_5278tal and elad blog collages11tal and elad blog collages1020150508001251-BPX_542520150508001415-BPX_544920150508011257-BPX_586220150508011359-BPX_587020150508015543-BPX_610720150508020600-BPX_617420150508021125-BPX_6230
20150508010155-BPX_5756check out the video by BeardWalker

Keren and Noam

KISS- keep it simple stupid is a good rule that all creatives know and hopefully follow, and it makes perfect sense that it will be used when both the bride and groom are creatives and plan their wedding.
A beautiful venue with great food, good music, close friends and family and lots of glitter and disco balls.

keren and noam blog collages4BPX_3968keren and noam blog collages5keren and noam blog collages6BPX_4085BPX_4210BPX_4579IMG_5709.JPGBPX_4474
keren and noam blog collages9
BPX_4476BPX_4822BPX_4828keren and noam blog collages10keren and noam blog collages11BPX_4613BPX_5126BPX_5651BPX_5593BPX_5065BPX_5832BPX_5602BPX_5022BPX_5913BPX_5141BPX_5569BPX_5024BPX_5886BPX_5092BPX_5611BPX_5306keren and noam blog collages12keren and noam blog collages13BPX_5360BPX_5430BPX_5421BPX_5605BPX_5043BPX_5284BPX_5623BPX_5230BPX_5727BPX_5298BPX_5835keren and noam blog collages14keren and noam blog collages15BPX_6406

venue: 4th floor
DJ : Tal Argaman
Photography : Elad Baranga

barely bridal #11 כולה כלה

about six month before Yael and I got married in the Jem’s Beer Factory  and we wrote about that dress and that event here, we had to get legally married and decided to go old school. We wore vintage suits and dresses, everyone sported a mustache, we had burekas and marinated herring, it was chill and perfect, much more than we could expect from a visit to the rabbinate.
we asked Yael about her dress and about the wedding.

BPX_30261. what’s the story behind the dress?
–  I looked for something simple that could work well with the Jewish vintage style we were going for at the time we were living in China. actually in China finding a white dress is easy in the summer, but it was already autumn so it wasn’t that easy.

BPX_30132. where did you get it?
– H&M and I also wanted a top, that we found one night walking home from the supermarket. In Ningbo, you can’t find a cab at 6pm, because everyone is on a supper break, so we walked through the small streets and found the top in a small shop that we’ve never been to before and never been to since. It was sized XL, about the size of a M in Israel.

BPX_2997BPX_2999a3. Price?
– the dress was about $40 and the top probably another $50

BPX_3034BPX_30324. Any regrets?
– of course not. it was stunning

BPX_30465. What’s a wedding dress for you?
– Something far from reality.

Yael and I. on our wedding day. November 2011.

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Gal Melnick

Orly and Amir

I totally forgot how much fun and how funny it was to shoot this wedding. I met Amir while shooting another hysterical wedding, and got a better glimpse into their lives when I asked them to put on the table a few things that will symbolize for them and their friends who they are and how well they work together to shoot this save-the-date photo:

keep calm and save the date-2
a couple of clicks and about two hours of stories about every little thing in this picture and a few things that aren’t in this picture and I felt I was ready to shoot their wedding.
BPX_1060 BPX_1061 BPX_1115 BPX_1140 BPX_1152 BPX_1153 BPX_1154 BPX_1270 BPX_1342 BPX_1398 BPX_1399 BPX_1408 BPX_1410 BPX_1443 BPX_1447 BPX_1476 BPX_1500 BPX_1523 BPX_1528 BPX_1568 BPX_1586 BPX_1592 BPX_1638 BPX_1663 BPX_1679 BPX_1706 BPX_1724 BPX_1740 BPX_1751 BPX_1834 BPX_1852 BPX_2213 BPX_1993 BPX_2013 BPX_2029 BPX_2034 BPX_2140 BPX_2152 BPX_2175 BPX_2178 BPX_2180 BPX_2214 BPX_2243 BPX_2256 BPX_2270 BPX_2279 BPX_2297 BPX_2301 BPX_2320 BPX_2327 BPX_2340 BPX_2436 BPX_2452 BPX_2484 orly and amir blog collages2BPX_2499 BPX_2504 BPX_2506 orly and amir blog collages3BPX_2554 orly and amir blog collagesBPX_2567 BPX_2584 BPX_2590 BPX_2611 BPX_2619 orly and amir blog collages10orly and amir blog collages6BPX_2624 BPX_2628 orly and amir blog collages7orly and amir blog collages9BPX_2641 BPX_2644 orly and amir blog collages8orly and amir blog collages4BPX_2647 BPX_2649 BPX_2658 BPX_2661 BPX_2665 BPX_2686 BPX_2699 BPX_2701 orly and amir blog collages5BPX_2711 BPX_2715 orly and amir blog collages11BPX_2718 BPX_2722 BPX_2728 BPX_2768 orly and amir blog collages13BPX_2778 BPX_2784 BPX_2799 BPX_2807 BPX_2814 orly and amir blog collages12BPX_2829 BPX_2832 BPX_2852 BPX_2860 BPX_2864 BPX_2872 orly and amir blog collages14BPX_2883 BPX_2888 BPX_2911 BPX_2947 BPX_3395 BPX_3408 BPX_3413

Liat and Safi

Liat and Safi’s wedding celebration was very special. They didn’t want to have a big event, just something simple and small with the two families. In a way something very old school, celebrating in the back yard of the house he grew up in and taking pictures where they plan to build a house one day, but on the other hand it was very avant-garde.

Big wedding are the norm, anyone doing something even just a bit different is considered radical, but why not? why throw all that money away? why not do something fun (and delicious) with the people you love? This happened to be the smallest wedding I shot with 14 adults (stealing the title from a 23 guest wedding last winter) but this wedding was much more than a wedding to shoot.

Together with Liat and Safi, I helped them put together everything they wanted, I got Tom, a good friend of mine, and an incredibly talented chef to run the show in the kitchen, and a show it was. We branded this whole event from menus to beer labels (on home brewed beer that i made, of course) and gave everyone involved an afternoon they’ll never forget.

BPX_3788 BPX_3789 BPX_3809 BPX_3841 BPX_3850 BPX_3860 BPX_3883 BPX_3884 BPX_3897 BPX_3902  BPX_3922 BPX_3982 BPX_3987 BPX_4003 BPX_4028 BPX_4035 BPX_4039 BPX_4042 BPX_4074 BPX_4093 BPX_4117 BPX_4122 BPX_4132 BPX_4133 BPX_4134 BPX_4183 BPX_4184 BPX_4200 BPX_4387 BPX_4401 BPX_4463 BPX_4508 BPX_4637 BPX_4638 BPX_4678 BPX_4743 BPX_4747 BPX_4777 BPX_4797 BPX_4800 BPX_4839 BPX_4862 BPX_4874 BPX_4905 BPX_4928 BPX_5061 BPX_5062 BPX_5162 BPX_5163 BPX_5164 BPX_5198 BPX_5263 BPX_5264 BPX_5265 BPX_5286 BPX_5337 BPX_5421 BPX_5422 BPX_5497 BPX_5498  BPX_5500 BPX_5519 BPX_5632 BPX_5637