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night at the museum

TEDER.FM closed their 6th season with an amazing event in the Tel Aviv Museum.
The place was packed and sometimes it felt like we’re walking around in one of those huge raves in an old abandoned factory and then kinda shaking your head and realizing you’re in the museum. The event went on in several locations across the museum and all the regular galleries were open… you’d walk around, lose your friends, see some cool art, grab a beer, meet up again randomly.
The highlight of the evening was of course Kid Koala, who played in Tel Aviv for the third time and every time he came was nothing short of amazing, the music, his skills and his show. It’s always breathtaking and just tons of fun.
good job, TEDER crew! see you next season.

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stolen goods

my dear friends Tom and Gal started designing cool stuff together. they’re making bags and you’re going to totally fall in love with them… yeah, with the bags, but no doubt, also with the girls.
they designed the bags to be simple and cool, they designed the prints and screen printed them themselves, sew them and sell them. last night they even popped up a shop and exhibition in the Kuli Alma Gallery.
I shot a bit before and while it was all going down, but there’s more coming up, more designs, more prints, apparel, accessories, posters, and whatever pops into their creative minds… check out the first peek from Stolen Goods
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under the vinyl

yesterday’s group exhibition kinda went over my head. I wasn’t excited about it, wasn’t looking forward to it , and when i found out it was yesterday, i was even a bit surprised. Yaniv who organized it this exhibition and most of the coolest skateboard and music related exhibitions in tel aviv in the past decade was really organized, sent everyone tons of messages to bring in the work, i received the messages as well, but didn’t hand in my work.
until I met a friend yesterday who said my name is on flyer… and all day i’ve been complaining about being excluded from all these cool skateboard related activities.
so after having a beer, i rode as fast as i could back to my studio, and back into town to hand in my work just a couple of hours before the exhibition was scheduled to open.
when i got there i was really happy i came and even happier i took part.
it was a great exhibition and a great evening, going out and seeing everyone in the middle of the week is not as bad as it sounds.
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