barely bridal 2 כולה כלה

for the second dress we’re presenting in this project, we have a dress that is very close to my heart. My wife separated our wedding adventure to a legal wedding and a wedding party. This is the dress my wife had for our wedding party and i totally love it! the more dresses i see, the more i love it! I think it’s stylish and different and cool and it’s so yael. but what i think doesn’t matter. so we asked yael about the dress and the wedding and this is what she had to say:
BPX_2912 BPX_2949

1. so what’s the story?
– we got married in Israel at the time we were living in china. we had to split up the festivities, and argued with our families about which event is the “real” wedding. but the one we had as a party with all our friends and family felt more like the real wedding to us, and for this event i wanted design my own dress, as a fashion designer, i didn’t want to be the cobbler who’s shoes are never fixed. I wanted an easy-going fun dress, like the wedding itself (friday afternoon in a beer factory).
2. who made the dress? where?
– I designed it, sketched, chose materials, ordered lace online, and took it to a chinese tailor to explain everything with a few words and a lot of hand gestures. BPX_2939
3. how long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– first we made a mockup in black to see that all the measurements and details are made correctly. turned out very useful, i still wear the black version. so all together, it took around a month to make, including finding the materials we liked in the market and also ordering some from tao-bao.
4. price?
– about $100 for the two dresses, the bow, and the extra tulle for the veil.
BPX_2921 BPX_2918 5. any regrets?
– maybe today i’d make it longer.
BPX_2909 BPX_2889a
6. a wedding dress for you is?
– a garment you wear once, but lives on forever in pictures.

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
jewelry: ShirAn Mann (page/shop)
model: Gal Melnick


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