Ravit and Elad

I love winter weddings. First of all, because Israel doesn’t have that much of a winter, and it makes much better sense to dress up and look good in the winter, not that I have anything against wearing shorts and looking formal, I’m a big fan, but most people don’t attack the local heat that way.
Even though, the winter isn’t hard, there’s something cozy and fun about an event with friends and family eating, dancing, drinking, and celebrating together while it’s raining outside. The little bit of rain we get, is not enough to really ruin your plans, but enough to make the streets look clean, the air to smell good and to add that hint of elegance that is really hard to achieve with the million degree heat we get here in the summers.

Ravit and Elad’s wedding had all that. Elad Ron is an amazing DJ and a personal friend, we’ve worked together for many years in raves, clubs, roof parties, bars and now even weddings; he’s also one of the leading DJs in the Israeli wedding scene, he played in my wedding, and also in a lot of my friends’ weddings. He founded Zebra Music and their all star lineup tore of the dance floor for hours; started early, finished late… like there was any other way to go?

ravit and elad ron20150116105718-BPX_197020150116110822-BPX_1995 20150116112133-BPX_2054 20150116112305-BPX_2062

ravit and elad ron2

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ravit and elad ron3
20150116141604-BPX_2865 20150116135206-BPX_2732 20150116140240-BPX_2811 20150116141112-BPX_2837
ravit and elad ron4 20150116150253-BPX_2905 20150116150614-BPX_2955 20150116151048-BPX_3016 20150116151122-BPX_3031 20150116151455-BPX_3089 20150116152111-BPX_3167 20150116152558-BPX_3217 20150116152622-BPX_3221 20150116153923-BPX_3258 20150116154112-BPX_3264 20150116154717-BPX_3298 20150116155049-BPX_3327 20150116155631-BPX_3374 20150116155929-BPX_3391 20150116160105-BPX_3400 20150116161517-BPX_3552 20150116161948-BPX_3572 20150116162047-BPX_3584 20150116163202-BPX_3639 20150116163326-BPX_3646 20150116163427-BPX_3681 20150116163516-BPX_3698 20150116163749-BPX_3758 20150116164203-BPX_3819 20150116164556-BPX_3887 20150116164623-BPX_3894 20150116165003-BPX_3910 20150116165412-BPX_3943 20150116170128-BPX_3947 20150116170251-BPX_3970 20150116170348-BPX_3982 20150116170407-BPX_3983 20150116171451-BPX_4026 20150116171717-BPX_4031  20150116172001-BPX_4041 20150116172009-BPX_4043   20150116173655-BPX_4096 20150116174003-BPX_4107 20150116174025-BPX_4111 20150116174614-BPX_4146 20150116174629-BPX_4149 20150116174640-BPX_4151 20150116174659-BPX_4156
ravit and elad ron6
ravit and elad ron520150116175347-BPX_423720150116180749-BPX_428720150116180840-BPX_429320150116180917-BPX_429520150116181245-BPX_430220150116181342-BPX_430920150116181707-BPX_431520150116182448-BPX_432420150116182532-BPX_432920150116182616-BPX_434120150116183657-BPX_444020150116185514-BPX_446920150116194825-BPX_459620150116195338-BPX_463020150116200530-BPX_466320150116203303-BPX_4857

venue: Avigdor
DJs: Aviel Brant, Nadav Agami, Idan Gavriel of Zebra Music
Live: Alla-One
Video: Beardwalker

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