Liat and Safi

Liat and Safi’s wedding celebration was very special. They didn’t want to have a big event, just something simple and small with the two families. In a way something very old school, celebrating in the back yard of the house he grew up in and taking pictures where they plan to build a house one day, but on the other hand it was very avant-garde.

Big wedding are the norm, anyone doing something even just a bit different is considered radical, but why not? why throw all that money away? why not do something fun (and delicious) with the people you love? This happened to be the smallest wedding I shot with 14 adults (stealing the title from a 23 guest wedding last winter) but this wedding was much more than a wedding to shoot.

Together with Liat and Safi, I helped them put together everything they wanted, I got Tom, a good friend of mine, and an incredibly talented chef to run the show in the kitchen, and a show it was. We branded this whole event from menus to beer labels (on home brewed beer that i made, of course) and gave everyone involved an afternoon they’ll never forget.

BPX_3788 BPX_3789 BPX_3809 BPX_3841 BPX_3850 BPX_3860 BPX_3883 BPX_3884 BPX_3897 BPX_3902  BPX_3922 BPX_3982 BPX_3987 BPX_4003 BPX_4028 BPX_4035 BPX_4039 BPX_4042 BPX_4074 BPX_4093 BPX_4117 BPX_4122 BPX_4132 BPX_4133 BPX_4134 BPX_4183 BPX_4184 BPX_4200 BPX_4387 BPX_4401 BPX_4463 BPX_4508 BPX_4637 BPX_4638 BPX_4678 BPX_4743 BPX_4747 BPX_4777 BPX_4797 BPX_4800 BPX_4839 BPX_4862 BPX_4874 BPX_4905 BPX_4928 BPX_5061 BPX_5062 BPX_5162 BPX_5163 BPX_5164 BPX_5198 BPX_5263 BPX_5264 BPX_5265 BPX_5286 BPX_5337 BPX_5421 BPX_5422 BPX_5497 BPX_5498  BPX_5500 BPX_5519 BPX_5632 BPX_5637

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