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Ouzo Bazooka

Ouzo Bazooka
are releasing their second album, SIMOOM this week, so they came a few months ago to the studio with Gal Melnick’s brilliant ideas, outfits and paper plants and we had one of my most enjoyable shoots ever.


Ouzo Bazooka // Dog Fight from Ouzo Bazooka on Vimeo.

Photography : Elad Baranga
Styling, Outfits, Paper Plants, Twirling Pots and everything nice – Gal Melnick
Hair and Makeup : Ronelle Goshen
Ouzo Bazooka are : Uri Brauner Kinorot, Ira Raviv, Dani Ever-Hadani and Adam Scheflan

come to the album release show in Tel Aviv  or checkout when they explode all over the world!


new studio

i moved to a new studio… it’s fun, it’s big, it’s spacious and the plan is that it will get me working on bigger and cooler projects. in the meanwhile, we thought it would be a good idea to let people know I’ll be operating from a new location and why not open a few beers, have some snacks and take some pictures…. as long as everything is color coordinated.

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