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roni and ilya

Roni and ilya got married pretty quickly, I remember seeing on facebook that they got engaged and we got together to work on something and i asked her casually if they started making plans for the wedding and she said: “yeah, it’s gonna be in a couple of months”
she was really chill about it, didn’t want to deal with anything at first, she even thought that photography is a bit too much, she wanted it to be colorful and fun, and knew that no matter what, together with ilya and their vibrant friends it will definitely be a wedding to remember.
and so it was, I was sore for a couple of days after, and I’m very happy (and so is she) that i convinced her that photography is something worth considering.

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photography: elad baranga / barangapix
additional photography: noak, noa magger
hair: dafna barel
venue: house sea
design: reut zagoni


fountain of youth

I can’t remember when i was so excited about a show like i was a couple of nights ago when Queen Sea Big Shark from beijing came to play in ningbo.
I haven’t heard about them before, but i started to listen to their stuff a couple of weeks before they came, there was a lot of hype building up for this show and they totally delivered. They’re music is awesome and if you haven’t heard of them, i highly suggest you check them out. their  website has music and other links.
and if you get a chance to see them play live, you should definitely make the effort.
we got to hang out with them a bit before the show and to party like no one’s got anything better to do on a tuesday night and it’s so refreshing to be this excited about new music.ImageImageImage

bang bang bollywood

a few weeks ago, decapod riders organized a fundraiser party that covered two great party directions. it was themed and it was indian! it was hosted at spices restaurant in ningbo, and had great food, lots of drinks, performance, dancing and fun photos! and all for a good cause; decapod riders are currently raising money for charity and will be joining this year’s rickshaw run in india, riding 3000 km across india in a motorized rickshaw.





check out rogue life studio’s video from the event:

missing nothing

last weekend was purim. for me it was just another weekend, but in israel it was a big deal. last year i missed purim as well… and residing outside of israel it seems that i’ll keep missing this holiday. my friends in israel assure me that i didn’t miss much, it always comes back to the same conversation about how the future ain’t what it used to be.

so i decided to post a few shots from previous purims, because i still miss it.