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staying indoors

i want to skate. there are a lot of really cool spots around here, but i hardly see any skaters; and of course i won’t see them on a day like this. it’s freezing outside and it’s raining, too. not that hard rain, storm type, either. it’s the gentle freezing rain that makes the cold air feel colder and the small raindrops feel like needles. i wish i had an indoor skatepark to go to, get the blood pumping, and maybe get some new pictures to post. In the meanwhile, i can run around the apartment and post some oldies:

berlin, october, 2005

boaz arrow aquino

yoni jonson kedem

red-bull warehouse, hod ha’sharon, israel, september, 2005

adi khavous

taz skatepark, montreal, february, 2010

B09- the “bonder bomber”

but most of all, i could really go for an alenby passage session right now.
august, 2010.