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bike fest 2014

last night TEDER.FM hosted the second annual tel aviv bike fest, a few stands to fix and paint your bike, some stuff to buy, lots of people with bike, beer, music and even the MACH2 alleycat race.
not much to say, but i really wanted to post these photos, because they reminded me of the bike events we had in china.
cheers, lehaim and gambei!

BPX_4257 BPX_4262 BPX_4267 BPX_4279 BPX_4293 BPX_4297 BPX_4304 BPX_4305 BPX_4309 BPX_4315 BPX_4319 BPX_4322 BPX_4323BPX_4397 BPX_4396 BPX_4390 BPX_4389 BPX_4380 BPX_4374 BPX_4360 BPX_4338 BPX_4333


mark builds bikes

a few weeks ago i went to meet mark to interview him for bawakawa.com . tomer from bawakawa told me that there’s a guy right next to their studio that builds funky bikes, for some reason, i thought it would be a really small workshop, with someone really old and a ton of bike parts, and seriously funky bikes… i don’t know why i thought that, it doesn’t really make sense.
mark is an awesome guy. he has the coolest stories, and really digs bikes. and not because they’re fast or rad, because they serve a purpose. he specializes in building work bikes and carriers, like he saw when he traveled in india and like you can see all around holand, filled with lots of kids.

we talked about traveling to india, to japan, seeing how design works over there, living in haifa, we both lived there for a short time and hated it for different reasons, and both have a great love for the city. he used to build bikes right around the corner from where my studio is. and he was very involved with the local punkrock scene. we have a lot in common and he was really fun to talk to.


when i told yael about him and showed her the pictures i took, she automatically asked if he’s that guy i have a picture of from yafo. i didn’t even think about it, but apparently, i took a picture of mark riding a high-bike in old yafo in 2009, and posted it on my page. i have some more pictures from that day i need to send him.Image

hebrew readers can read the full interview here:


yom kippur is by far my favorite jewish holiday. it can only really be celebrated in israel, where people actually take a pause for this; secular, traditional and religious people all treat yom kippur as something special, and that’s what i seriously love about it.
I don’t take part in any of the traditional activities lined up for yom kippur. I don’t fast, i don’t pray, i don’t get bummed out… and it’s the only day of the year that I don’t think that the religious coercion in israel is THAT bad.
i enjoy the silence, the streets, the empty roads, the zombie-walk, the clear and quiet beaches, riding, skating, painting, taking pictures and enjoying this special phenomena that can only be felt here.
going back to my hometown won’t be as exciting as staying in tel aviv, because the contrast isn’t very high, most days there are hardly any cars on the road, so it’s no big deal, but in tel aviv, you really feel it.


bike ride to the lake

last year when aifo came to visit us it was part of his long journey all around china, some people go more all around, and take even a longer journey, but it was far more than we ever had a chance to travel in china in the time we lived here.

leading up to his arrival i would ride around town a lot on my bike and think he would really enjoy it here, and i can’t wait for him to come by and we can ride our bikes through the weirdest spots in the city checking out the local gypsies, stopping for a chat and a beer and riding on.

i started thinking that maybe it’s only cool in my mind, or maybe in my mind some of it isn’t cool at all anymore, because i already got used to it, and maybe ningbo won’t live up to his expectations, and fall short in comparison with other cities he got to visit.

but when he was actually here, he was totally blown away from every little thing, we managed to show him sights that you have to live in a place to know, go to restaurants and to the right street food joints.

on one of our days here, i suggested we ride out to dongqian hu, a beautiful lake on the east side of ningbo, that is maybe 20km away, but 200 years behind.

aifo said that every city he’s been to he went to the fixie shop and rented a bike for the day. that sounds like no problem, my friend here owns a bike shop, we can go say hi and see if they will let us rent a couple of bikes.

in slow broken english aifo is trying to explain to the girl at the shop what we want, something a long the line of
Aifo: i give money, you give bike?
Girl in Shop:  3000rmb
A: no, no, 1 day
G: no
A: no?
G: no. wait (looking at me) you are the photo guy, no?
Me: yes, we want to go to dongqianhu and take pictures
G: okay, you can take bikes
Me: great, thanks! how much?
G: no, no, take.

so we promised to take good care of them, to return them within 24hours, and asked her to put the word out if any of the local riders will want to join us.

the next day, we met up with max, a student from shanghai studying in nottingham university, and it was so good that he came, because i was ready to lead us in a very wrong direction.

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