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building a ramp… and a society

selling clothes is so much more than selling and clothes when you care about what you sell and the people you sell it to. JinG is a clothing boutique, but it’s more. when they organize a yard sale it feels like the clothing just happens to be there. the real activity is on the ramp, around the grill or by the big fridge filled with beers.
a bunch of us come with our babies and toddlers, some are already big enough to ride the mini ramp. local skater kids come to skate, probably looking at us thinking “what’s up with these geezers and their kids, didn’t they used to skate also? Im never gonna be that guy” while we’re looking at them as live entertainment, in amazement of how much the skate scene has grown, how good the kids are and, a little bit like the geezers we are, sitting on the side, drinking beer, and enjoying the gladiator style physical entertainment.
call it what you will, we had a good time, everyone had a good time, we’re looking forward to many more gatherings like this in the future. my wife even asked me if i could imagine our little girl grow up to be one of these teenage skater chicks that comes to hang out in events and places like this, and of course i truly think it’s the best place i’d want my girl to be, but it got me worried about so many other things =)   #beingadad

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late night BBQ

there’s a great little place just around the corner from our apartment. during the day you can get steamed buns there, but they got nothing on the late night BBQ.

they only start the fire and to organize everything at 9pm. it looks really sketchy… as a street BBQ could be… but it is so delicious, like street food should be.

it took us a while to open up to it, and try some, then come back again and try something else. we started with squid and beans, mushrooms were never really a stretch, the eggplant was so surprising, because they roast it whole, just like my mother would, and make a “salad” right there on the grill, while it’s still in the shell, it looks great and tastes even better.  but the dish that was the biggest leap was the oysters, something about how the clean them on the curb never sat right with yael, but we had to try them, and they are amazing, no other way to put it.

so all summer we’ve been hopping over there, grabbing a quick snack on our way home, and seeing a lot of locals doing the same, while some stay there, sitting with friends and beer, and i said that sitting like this is the one thing i want to do before the summer is over. last night, we sat there with five more friends, ordered a lot of goodies and a twelve-pack of beers and sat there for maybe two hours. it brought a little tear to my eye.

these pictures are not from last night, but from a week ago