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barely bridal #11 כולה כלה

about six month before Yael and I got married in the Jem’s Beer Factory  and we wrote about that dress and that event here, we had to get legally married and decided to go old school. We wore vintage suits and dresses, everyone sported a mustache, we had burekas and marinated herring, it was chill and perfect, much more than we could expect from a visit to the rabbinate.
we asked Yael about her dress and about the wedding.

BPX_30261. what’s the story behind the dress?
–  I looked for something simple that could work well with the Jewish vintage style we were going for at the time we were living in China. actually in China finding a white dress is easy in the summer, but it was already autumn so it wasn’t that easy.

BPX_30132. where did you get it?
– H&M and I also wanted a top, that we found one night walking home from the supermarket. In Ningbo, you can’t find a cab at 6pm, because everyone is on a supper break, so we walked through the small streets and found the top in a small shop that we’ve never been to before and never been to since. It was sized XL, about the size of a M in Israel.

BPX_2997BPX_2999a3. Price?
– the dress was about $40 and the top probably another $50

BPX_3034BPX_30324. Any regrets?
– of course not. it was stunning

BPX_30465. What’s a wedding dress for you?
– Something far from reality.

Yael and I. on our wedding day. November 2011.

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Gal Melnick


getting ready for summer with Ira and Tommy

I met Ira Simonov at the champagne room opening I shot a couple of months ago. She loves taking pictures, she loves fashion and she loves getting stuff done. She blogs about fashion a lot and is a total force on instagram. so naturally, we drank some champagne, shot some pictures and talked about doing it again… and after a while she wrote me and asked if i want to get together and shoot something, she said she wanted to go to the Tommy Hilfiger store to check out some of their stuff for summer and we should go together.
she called again a few days later and asked if i was free the following week… then she said “forget it, want to shoot tomorrow?” and so we did. busy times call for drastic measures, we rolled over to the shop in Sarona and shot in that area… in and out.

BPX_5083 BPX_5123 BPX_5134 BPX_5145 BPX_5148 BPX_5200 BPX_5282 BPX_5288 BPX_5301 BPX_5311 BPX_5316 BPX_5338 BPX_4985 BPX_4997 BPX_5001 BPX_5005 BPX_5027 BPX_5035 BPX_5052

Photography: Elad Baranga

Jewelry: Shiree Odiz

Watches: Emboss Watches

Sunglasses: Dior

and Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream fragrance

and the post on Ira’s blog :

barely bridal 10 כולה כלה

we took a way too long break with the barely bridal project, but we’re detremined to get back on track, post the dresses we have, tell the stories, and start working on future shoots.
we’re stepping back into action with Adi Richter who knew what she wanted to spend more money on and what she didn’t. she got married in this beautiful dress and here’s what she has to say about it:
1. So what’s the story?
– I always thought it was a bit too much to spend thousands on a dress that will be used for only a few hours, so when I started looking my goal was not to spend more than $300. I decided that in my wedding it is more important for me to put the emphasis on the people I work with throughout the event, and the dress, well, there are so many dresses, I’m sure i’ll find one that will work.
2. Who made the dress? how long did it take to find/decide/choose?
– after some good hard summer hours, I almost gave up and then entered ‘Magic’, a store on Dizengof, that isn’t aimed specifically for wedding gowns, but that’s where I found mine- simple, not too white, chiffon, and comfortable. And after I decided to buy it, they didn’t mind sewing some lace I brought in.

3. Price?
– all in all, with the lace and alterations, $200.

4. Any regrets?
– no. I would regret spending more than I can afford 😉

5. A wedding dress for you is?
– A dress for an event. The most important event in the world.

Adi and Oz on their wedding day. Photo by  Liron Erel

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Sivan Mast

what’s the FUSS?

FUSS is the kind of brand that really makes me happy about what i do. Coming up with concepts for shooting and working with an amazing team, having fun on shoots that result in clean, simple, exciting photos.
Shooting for FUSS fills me with energy and I can’t wait for our next session together!
I feel connected to the brand, I wear their jacket when i ride my bike and get endless compliments about it.
I guess that’s what all the FUSS is about =)

BPX_6461 BPX_6468 BPX_6495 BPX_6520 BPX_6547 BPX_6561 BPX_6564 BPX_6566 BPX_6577 BPX_6605 BPX_6642 BPX_6659 BPX_6672 BPX_6720 BPX_6733 BPX_6735 BPX_6741 BPX_6749 BPX_6759 BPX_6763 BPX_6769 BPX_6772 BPX_6792 BPX_6803 BPX_6835 BPX_6843 BPX_6852 BPX_6864 BPX_6869 BPX_6881 BPX_6886 BPX_6905 BPX_6906 BPX_6914

you can buy FUSS jackets and bags online:
and check out their website
model: gal melnick
hair and makeup: ronelle goshen
photography: elad baranga

barely bridal 9 כולה כלה

we had the incredible chance to shoot three dresses for the Barely Bridal project in this amazing location in Tel Aviv, The Pe’er hotel.
I heard about this place when Roni (from barely bridal 8) got married and thought it would be perfect to shoot there, i tried contacting them, but it didn’t really work out. I was there once for a saturday afternoon cocktail and fell in love with the place even more, but a few months after i was there, i saw an article saying that the place went out of business…. and we didn’t even get a chance to shoot there, oh no!
Then Yam wrote me on facebook, asking me to like her new page and it was for Pe’er hotel, since she’s gorgeous, works there and has modeling experience, it was pretty obvious I have to ask her if we can come to the hotel and shoot. She loved the idea and we went ahead with it.

The first dress we’re posting is Michal’s and this is what she had to say about her wedding and the dress:
1. so what’s the story?
– the whole wedding was organized in a month, we decided we’re going to get married and we left for Thailand for a month, when we came back, we had a month before the wedding and nothing was ready, i had an image in my mind of a dress I wanted to sew, a bit like a beach dress, a bit bridal, then i attended a wedding and the bride’s friend wore a simple dress that i really loved.  I found out a bit more about who designed it and went to meet her with my personal vision for my dream-dress.
2. Who made the dress?
– the dress was made by Liat Itach, in her studio in south Tel Aviv, step by step with lots of patience, except for the idea we didn’t have anything, we started building the dress piece after piece and changing details until the last moment.BPX_7900
3. how long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– the dress was ready within the month, in that month we had three measurement, and one long tour of the fabric market to find the perfect fabric.
4. price?
– at first it was $460 including the veil, but the fabric we chose made it a bit more costly and it ended up costing $640.

5. any regrets?
– no regrets, I was comfortable, easy, received endless compliments and more than everything I was myself. I wasn’t a bride tucked in a girdle or covered in pearls. It was simple, comfortable and to my taste, the most beautiful dress in the world. BPX_7920
6. A wedding dress for you is?
– Im not one of those girls who had dreams of her wedding since she was 15, so a wedding dress for me is a wedding dress. I wanted to enjoy the evening and not to worry. and I wanted to be myself, not in a costume, and that people could recognize me in all the fuss, and i succeeded.
BPX_7924 BPX_7925 BPX_7931
photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Yam Ben Nun
Location: Peer Boutique Hotel
10863651_10152940088158984_730809916_nMichal on her wedding day

champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends

last night david and yosef opened a champagne lounge on the lower level of their restaurant with veuve clicquot. the lounge has a dark and sleek look, while the restaurant is much more flashy and loud. the champagne was great of course, and the food was amazing combining local delicacies with an international level of precision and presentation.
BPX_7807 BPX_7813 BPX_7849
BPX_7787BPX_7896 BPX_7908 BPX_7909 BPX_7937 BPX_7954 BPX_7958 BPX_7993 BPX_8011 BPX_8061 BPX_7690  BPX_7750
production: pure productions
design: white rainbow
food by: david and yosef of course
champagne : veuve clicquot
random acts of modeling: ira simonov and korin avraham

stolen goods

my dear friends Tom and Gal started designing cool stuff together. they’re making bags and you’re going to totally fall in love with them… yeah, with the bags, but no doubt, also with the girls.
they designed the bags to be simple and cool, they designed the prints and screen printed them themselves, sew them and sell them. last night they even popped up a shop and exhibition in the Kuli Alma Gallery.
I shot a bit before and while it was all going down, but there’s more coming up, more designs, more prints, apparel, accessories, posters, and whatever pops into their creative minds… check out the first peek from Stolen Goods
BPX_6960BPX_6950BPX_7404 BPX_7420 BPX_7466 BPX_7476 BPX_7487 BPX_7488 BPX_7533 BPX_7546 BPX_7554 BPX_7565