barely bridal 9 כולה כלה

we had the incredible chance to shoot three dresses for the Barely Bridal project in this amazing location in Tel Aviv, The Pe’er hotel.
I heard about this place when Roni (from barely bridal 8) got married and thought it would be perfect to shoot there, i tried contacting them, but it didn’t really work out. I was there once for a saturday afternoon cocktail and fell in love with the place even more, but a few months after i was there, i saw an article saying that the place went out of business…. and we didn’t even get a chance to shoot there, oh no!
Then Yam wrote me on facebook, asking me to like her new page and it was for Pe’er hotel, since she’s gorgeous, works there and has modeling experience, it was pretty obvious I have to ask her if we can come to the hotel and shoot. She loved the idea and we went ahead with it.

The first dress we’re posting is Michal’s and this is what she had to say about her wedding and the dress:
1. so what’s the story?
– the whole wedding was organized in a month, we decided we’re going to get married and we left for Thailand for a month, when we came back, we had a month before the wedding and nothing was ready, i had an image in my mind of a dress I wanted to sew, a bit like a beach dress, a bit bridal, then i attended a wedding and the bride’s friend wore a simple dress that i really loved.  I found out a bit more about who designed it and went to meet her with my personal vision for my dream-dress.
2. Who made the dress?
– the dress was made by Liat Itach, in her studio in south Tel Aviv, step by step with lots of patience, except for the idea we didn’t have anything, we started building the dress piece after piece and changing details until the last moment.BPX_7900
3. how long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– the dress was ready within the month, in that month we had three measurement, and one long tour of the fabric market to find the perfect fabric.
4. price?
– at first it was $460 including the veil, but the fabric we chose made it a bit more costly and it ended up costing $640.

5. any regrets?
– no regrets, I was comfortable, easy, received endless compliments and more than everything I was myself. I wasn’t a bride tucked in a girdle or covered in pearls. It was simple, comfortable and to my taste, the most beautiful dress in the world. BPX_7920
6. A wedding dress for you is?
– Im not one of those girls who had dreams of her wedding since she was 15, so a wedding dress for me is a wedding dress. I wanted to enjoy the evening and not to worry. and I wanted to be myself, not in a costume, and that people could recognize me in all the fuss, and i succeeded.
BPX_7924 BPX_7925 BPX_7931
photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Yam Ben Nun
Location: Peer Boutique Hotel
10863651_10152940088158984_730809916_nMichal on her wedding day

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