stolen goods

my dear friends Tom and Gal started designing cool stuff together. they’re making bags and you’re going to totally fall in love with them… yeah, with the bags, but no doubt, also with the girls.
they designed the bags to be simple and cool, they designed the prints and screen printed them themselves, sew them and sell them. last night they even popped up a shop and exhibition in the Kuli Alma Gallery.
I shot a bit before and while it was all going down, but there’s more coming up, more designs, more prints, apparel, accessories, posters, and whatever pops into their creative minds… check out the first peek from Stolen Goods
BPX_6960BPX_6950BPX_7404 BPX_7420 BPX_7466 BPX_7476 BPX_7487 BPX_7488 BPX_7533 BPX_7546 BPX_7554 BPX_7565

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