barely bridal 8 כולה כלה

this dress comes from a girl who is so crazy cool that you can’t absolutely love everything about her. And not only that, I also had the absolute privilege and pleasure to shoot her wedding, so when we started the barely bridal project it was obvious Roni’s dress will be a bit puffy shiny part of it.


When Sivan, our model walked out of the dressing room with this dress she was so vibrant and happy, and that made us happy as well that it’s not only in our head, and this dress is nothing short of amazing!

we asked Roni how she found the dress and a few thought about it and here’s what she had to say:
1. So what’s the story?
– I saw this dress by chance in a second hand store when I was there with a friend looking for a dress for her.

2.Who made the dress?
– I don’t know much about it, it says it was made in the US and the woman at the the second hand store said it’s from the 80s


3. how long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– I tried on the dress jokingly, saw it on the hanger and thought it was the most kitsch and over-the-top thing I have ever seen, and there no chance we’re leaving this store without at least trying it on. The next day I returned with my husband to be for his approval, to make sure I didn’t completely lose it and that it is actually perfect.

4. Price?
– $380

5. Any regrets?
– no. It’s a good thing we didn’t leave it in the store, just a pity I won’t get to wear it again.

6. A wedding dress for you is?
an opportunity to have fun and take a fantasy and go with it as far as you can.

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
odel: Sivan Mast
photography: Elad Baranga

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