barely bridal 7 כולה כלה

for our third shooting day we decided we want to get out of the house and find locations that will play well with out theme and story and to kick this idea off we started with a perfect spot!
hastudia is a DIY center in yafo. You can stop by with whatever idea you may have and they have the tools to make it happen, they also have the know-how and they’re always happy to help.
In this shoot, we had Sivan dabble with a dream catcher and some flags. Ruth, the makeup artist and my partner in crime for the Barely Bridal project thought it looks ridiculous that a “bride” will be all dressed up and ready to go and still deal with crafts, but I already shot a bride once that was dealing with seating arrangements until about 20 minutes before the guests arrived, and it wasn’t as cool as the flags, I promise.
Sivan is wearing a dress by Shiri Novak and we asked Maayan who got married in it about her wedding and her dress:

1. So what’s the story?
– we decided to have a small wedding.  Quickly we understood that we’ll have to be very creative, because anything from scratch or in nature will  be very expensive, and even the humble wedding halls cost more than we wanted to spend.
We used the greater wisdom and asked all our friends to help us find creative solutions and to share whatever pops in the their head.
That’s how we got to Na’an Kibutz through a friend of a friend and that’s how we also found our amazing catering “Sultan’s Hosting“, Druze catering that also has vegan dishes.
The DJ was our friend, video was done by a friend of a friend, and stills were shot by a photography student.
2. Who made the dress?
the amazing Shiri Novak, at home.
I saw Shiri’s dresses a while ago on facebook through mutual friends and when i got engaged abroad I started peeking in her pictures.
I think the dress I bought was the first one i tried on, and it was obvious that this is the one.
I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, never fantasized over what fabric, i don’t even know the fabric names. I knew I wanted a dress that I will look like myself in it, and not like someone else and that was exactly what I felt when I tried on this dress.
And I also fell in love with Shiri, and the process, not something that is obvious in this industry.
Everyone who saw the dress really loved it! It’s vintage, special and every detail is carefully made and thought out. It’s not a simple dress.
BPX_4156 BPX_4164
3. how long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– I don’t know how long it took her to make it before I tried it on for the first time, but after we met three more times and the dress was mine.
BPX_4168 BPX_4110
4. Price?
– a bit under $650
BPX_4113 BPX_4123
5. Any regrets?
– not even a dab of regret
BPX_4124 BPX_4127-2
6. A wedding dress for you is?
– a dress I feel in myself and not wearing a costume.

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
odel: Sivan Mast
dress by: Shiri Novak

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