barely bridal 6 כולה כלה

For our sixth post on the barely bridal project, we’re going back to the first story we told. Remember when the bride said she wanted to have two seperate events? So this is her second dress.

1. so what’s the story?
– we decided to have two seperate events, a small gather for the traditional ceremony with about 30 people and then a big party for 350 guests. I never imagined myself as a bride. For the event I knew I didn’t want something standard and i started looking for ideas. I even met with a leading designer in the field of wedding gowns and evening wear in Tel Aviv to see if she could step out of the box, but everything was too bridal for me.
One day I was walking in Tel Aviv and I happened to see a black tank top by Sharon Brunsher that I thought would be cool if she made the same thing for me in a bright color. Of course she didn’t want to, and that she doesn’t work with “brides” but when she understood that I have no intention of being a typical bride we were able to get started.

2. how long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– I looked around for ideas for about two weeks, and once i found what i wanted, the work with Sharon on the actual dress took about a month.
BPX_2683 BPX_2687  BPX_2695
3. price?
– around $750 if i remember correctly
BPX_2709 BPX_2713
4. any regrets?
– not at all, still loving the dress
BPX_2720 BPX_2721
5. a wedding dress for you is?
– meaningless, another pretty dress and a little special.
Elad Baranga

make up artist: Ruth Toledo
jewelry: ShirAn Mann (page/shop)
model: Gal Melnick
dress: Sharon Brunsher


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