shiri novak has more than one dress

but she wanted to shoot one, and said “yalla, let’s do it!”
she had this vision of a very simple portrait she wanted to shoot. we got together on a friday afternoon for a few hours, it was my final shoot in the old studio. a good ending to an great era and a perfect jumping board.
BPX_0780 BPX_0781 BPX_0808 BPX_0812 barangapix BPX_0738
but the fun part was when we stepped outside for a cigarette and i started snapping some behind the scenes shots that turned into a whole new production.

BPX_0868 BPX_0935 BPX_0953 BPX_1009 BPX_1085 barangapix barangapix
and one last one of Shiri, the designer, stepping on set to give direction.
design styling and concept by : shiri novak
model: yulie yashar
make up: tal molcho
hair: michal lesman
photography: elad baranga

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