barely bridal 5 כולה כלה

our fifth barely bridal post connects automatically with our last post. This time, we’re taking a look at Ravit who married Orly from the last post and the dress she wore on their wedding day.

Organizing a wedding is never easy, lots of attention goes to celebrating the bride, try imagining doing this with two brides. Two brides looking for dresses that will shine their personalities, but won’t overshine each other, two brides getting their hair done, and two brides for make up and everything else that a bride may want.

1. so what’s the story?
– we had two months to organize everything. I knew i wanted a beautiful dress, but not something to expensive and it was very important for me to feel a personal connection with the designer. Every place i went to didn’t have that connection i was looking for and was also way to expensive.

2. Who made the dress? where?
Tal Kedem in Ramat Gan
3. How long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– I met her three weeks before the wedding, and i was already feeling hopeless. The moment I met her, though, i knew she was the designer for me.
4. Price
– Making the dress cost about $500, i got all the fabric myself for about $150
5. Any regrets?
– no regrets at all, Tal was amazing throughout the whole process, we spent hours of long and amazing conversations, when we finished working on the dress a little sad that we won’t meet again. The dress was made especially for me in my figure and I received a lot of compliments.

6. A wedding dress for you is?
– Simply a dress for the bride to feel the most comfortable in, not a costume.

ravit and orlyorly and ravit on the wedding day. photo by Dror Einav

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Shira Ephrati

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