barely bridal 4 כולה כלה

orly wanted to keep it simple, not get into the whole fuss and this is what she found.
1. so what’s the story?
– there was no way i’d get into the turmoil of the wedding industry and wedding dresses. I didn’t want something that would be too bridal or fancy, but something more loose, yet chic and flattering. So I started looking for a white designer dress.
2. Who made the dress? where?
– I bought it in April, a shop on Dizengof st. Because of how their display looked I didn’t even want to go inside. I never believed I’ll find my dress there.
3. How long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– Took me about half an hour to choose it. It came down to this one or another one, and my wife and I decided on this one.
4. Price?
– $150 and then a bit more for minor alterations.
5. Any Regrets?
– not at all. It was a perfect fit. In terms of style, comfort and cut.
6. A wedding dress for you is?
– A dress a bride wears on her wedding.
Ravit&Orly Huppa-39
orly and ravit on the wedding day. photo by Dror Einav

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Shira Ephrati

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