barely bridal 3 כולה כלה

Sarit and Noam got married really quickly without tons of planning and going over their head with a million things. a few days before the wedding i remember talking to Noam and he said “dude, we’re getting married in a few days, you coming?” I was really excited about attending their wedding, i knew it will be fun, but i didn’t think it will be so inspirational.
the first thing I did when I got out of Nanutchka, the restaurant where their wedding took place, was call Yael (my wife now, girlfriend then) and say “listen, it can be done. weddings don’t all have to be the same, and the don’t all have to be wedding-weddings”
It was the realest wedding I ever attended, nothing was from the world of events, the food was real, because it was hosted by a restaurant, so it was their real food from the menu, the music was real, because they had DJs we know from the Tel Aviv music scene, the drinking on the bar was real, not wedding hall cocktails, flavored vodka, or tiny glasses of beer, even the ceremony was real, vows and promises without the ancient Aramaic text.
When I asked Sarit if she’d like to take part in the barely bridal project and she told us about her dress, I noticed that the dress also got the same laid back treatment as the rest of their wedding.

1. who made the dress? where?
– My friend Nastya Lisansky made it in her home.
she’s an Israeli fashion icon and very active on instagram,
at the time she was getting started with making dresses and i thought it would be cool to have mine made by her.

2. how long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– it took about two days to make and I received it ready only a couple of hours before the wedding.
3. Price?
– It didn’t cost me a thing, Nastya and I went to the fabric market and asked for samples, it was enough to make the dress.
4. Any regrets?
– none at all.BPX_3075
5. A wedding dress for you is?
– Just a dress.BPX_3083

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
model: Gal Melnick

Sarit and Noam on their wedding day.

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