Anat and Lamed – Part Two

like i wrote in Part One of Anat and Lamed’s wedding, their celebration was split into three events. The second event was really cool, because they wanted to avoid the embarrassment of dealing with romantic couple photos, but still wanted to have them. The solution was to have a big picnic with friends, babies and pets, and this is what we got.

BPX_3194 BPX_2940 BPX_2955 BPX_2958 BPX_2960 BPX_2971 BPX_2978 BPX_3009 BPX_3021 BPX_3024 BPX_3047 BPX_3056 BPX_3067 BPX_3085 BPX_3093 BPX_3109 BPX_3155 BPX_3164 BPX_3177  BPX_3236BPX_3656 BPX_3262 BPX_3264 BPX_3271 BPX_3276 BPX_3377 BPX_3390 BPX_3392 BPX_3403 BPX_3404 BPX_3443 BPX_3513 BPX_3518 BPX_3539 BPX_3554 BPX_3577 BPX_3586 BPX_3593 BPX_3609

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