fun in the sun

i’ll tell you what isn’t fun in august in tel aviv… being out in the sun, but we had this urge to go out for a couple hours and shoot, and we did actually have fun. when we didn’t feel like we were melting away.
I called joe to ask him if he wants to help me with this shoot i wanted to do. I wanted to shoot a dancer i met who was visiting Israel for a few weeks, and we thought we’d get some added value and bring in some clothes from Studio Noa and some stuff from Puma. Then we had some scheduling problems, and then it was too late, and our friend the tourist decided that in the last couple of days she has in israel, it’s about time for her to be a tourist.
joe and i were already stoked for this shoot, cleared our scheduled, coordinated whatever we wanted to shoot, chose a location, and were not going to let a tourist ruin the locals’ day.
our friend Tamar from the band Skyroads stepped up for the challenge and was our stunning model, and yeah, we had fun… in the sun.

barangapix barangapix barangapix barangapix barangapix barangapix barangapix barangapix barangapix  barangapix barangapix barangapix

photography: elad baranga/barangapix 
tyling: joe m grinbaum
clothes provided by : Studio Noa and Puma
odel: Tamar Yoffe

and also appearing on Puma Israel’s Blog – right here 

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