barely bridal 1 כולה כלה

about a month ago my friend Ruth, who’s a very talented makeup artist asked me if I want to start working with her on an alternative wedding project, of course I said yes, but we both didn’t really know what we want to do, we just knew that we want to start working on something together.
we both work in Israel shooting wedding as well as fashion and we decided we wanted to do a series of simple shoots that are leaving the romance behind and all the regular wedding stuff we see all over the place, but we still missed a large element of styling.
Then my wife suggested we reach out and find “alternative” dresses, looking for girls who made their own dresses, bought a regular dress that happens to be white (or not), found something old in the attic, or just have an interesting story behind their dress. and that’s what we decided to do. I wrote a status on facebook and the feedback was amazing, we had one session, we’re planning now the next and we’re waiting to hear more interesting stories and see more awesome dresses as we move along.
for our first session, Gal modeled five dresses and we’ll release each dress as a separate post.

BPX_2838a BPX_2829a
the first dress we want to show is from our friend  who wanted to stay anonymous, but still liked the idea and wanted to take part in the project.

1. So what’s the story?

– a couple of days after the proposal we flew to London, there we saw Issey Miyake’s gorgeous fabrics and dresses. I saw a few stunning white dresses, didn’t try them on and left. The whole trip I thought about those dresses, and on the last day I said I have to go back to try it on and check the price. I immediately bought it, thinking it could be a second dress if it won’t feel appropriate as a wedding dress (because we didn’t plan anything for the wedding yet).
when we returned to Israel, we decided to separate our wedding to two events, the official ceremony and a big celebration.  The ceremony was very small with 30 guests, and the celebration that followed had 350 guests.
I never imagined myself as a bride, and i decided that for such a small event, i can totally wear the Issey Miyake dress, and to give up the “pleasure” of a wedding dress.

2. how long did it take to make/find/choose/decide?
– the decision was immediate, buying it took four days
3. Price?
– around $500


4. any regrets?
– not at all, still loving the dress

BPX_2788a BPX_2785

5. a wedding dress for you is?
– meaningless, another pretty dress and a little special.
BPX_2780 BPX_2774 BPX_2770a BPX_2759 BPX_2667a BPX_2659

photography: Elad Baranga
make up artist: Ruth Toledo
jewelry: ShirAn Mann (page/shop)
model: Gal Melnick


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