the lost island pictures

the island wasn’t lost, and i wasn’t lost on it. even though it did feel like that sometimes.
but the files got lost, in a way. exactly a year ago i was in Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles for about a week for a job. most people arrive in bonaire to go scuba diving, but we hardly spent any time in the water.
I had no idea what to expect. I thought of a beach city, so i thought of tel aviv or barcelona, really touristy right near the beach, touristy and sketchy one street over, and after that, a full city with lots of life, local food and interesting stuff to see. I thought about working with factories and factory owners in China, and i thought it would be awkward and weird.
But it was neither, we stayed at Captain Don’s habitat, a real life pirate of the Caribbean. There’s even a weekly happy hour in the resort’s bar to go hang out and drink rum with Captain Don. He’s not really a pirate, but he’s an old school diver with an amazing resort, worth checking out if you are ever in that part of the globe. But if you leave the resort, there’s nothing there. on the coast you’ll get to the next resort, but going inland, it’s just desert, you can’t get anywhere without a car, and we were really fortunate to have great hosts that picked us up to the factory, took us out to eat really great local food, brought us into their homes and were the friendliest people i ever got a chance to work with.
the timing was also perfect, not that weather is a concern in a place like this, it’s 28 degress during the winter and 31 degrees in the summer. It’s so hot there, that you can’t find a beer bigger than 250ml. The locals told us that they tried once to import bigger beers, but no one liked them. Most of the beer there was Polar from Venezuela, but also some dutch and american beers were available. But all in small bottles and ice cold. And while we were there they were celebrating Holand’s new king, so we enjoyed a long weekend of parties and parades.
a super chill spot with really friendly people, kind of opposite from everything i know, maybe it will be cool to get back there some day.


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