claes goran shanghai

before we decided to leave china we attended DAFF, the design art and fashion fair in shanghai. we went there for kicks, but ended up collaborating with two brands there, claes goran, a swedish shoe and bag company and a local brand OBA. at the event we shot their fashion shows and then kept in touch and thought about doing more shoots.
we managed to do one shoot with claes goran before leaving. touring some great spots in shanghai, parks, commercial plazas, old neighborhoods and abandoned building sites all combining two classic chinese elements, green plants and piles of concrete.
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBPX_3257 BPX_3303 BPX_3348 BPX_3317 BPX_3470 BPX_3403
BPX_3502 BPX_3538 BPX_3594 BPX_3645 BPX_3739 BPX_3760 BPX_3782 BPX_3856 BPX_3894 BPX_4000 BPX_4032 BPX_4082
for more. check out their website

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