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yom kippur is by far my favorite jewish holiday. it can only really be celebrated in israel, where people actually take a pause for this; secular, traditional and religious people all treat yom kippur as something special, and that’s what i seriously love about it.
I don’t take part in any of the traditional activities lined up for yom kippur. I don’t fast, i don’t pray, i don’t get bummed out… and it’s the only day of the year that I don’t think that the religious coercion in israel is THAT bad.
i enjoy the silence, the streets, the empty roads, the zombie-walk, the clear and quiet beaches, riding, skating, painting, taking pictures and enjoying this special phenomena that can only be felt here.
going back to my hometown won’t be as exciting as staying in tel aviv, because the contrast isn’t very high, most days there are hardly any cars on the road, so it’s no big deal, but in tel aviv, you really feel it.



something from nothing

rick was one of the most interesting people i had the opportunity to work with in china. He contacted me to help him design a big coffee place, big enough to have meetings in, big enough to host events, big enough to feed hundreds for lunch (if you’ve been to china you know that means hundreds of people in the span of one hour, and the need for a hundred places to sit) and big enough to be exciting and create a sense of creativity.

so that was the brief: we can have meetings, events, serve a hundred people at the same time, encourage creativity.

the idea behind the name was to create a place that will be a breeding ground for new ideas and activity. to create something from nothing.

so in the design, the nothing part was created by a simple exposed ceiling and wooden floors, and the something-from-nothing part was represented the system of box shelves that can be moved around easily and create separations, benches, a stage and of course, book stands.

all over the place, there are magazines and books for everyone to enjoy, upstairs there is also a room that can be used for games or to have a meeting in,  with a board and projector and everything you need… including coffee, lots of coffee, because what kind of work meeting can you have without lots of coffee?

so it’s a good thing they roast their own coffee right on the spot.

BPX_2376 BPX_2378 BPX_2385 BPX_2386 BPX_2387  BPX_2392 BPX_2393 BPX_2398 BPX_2404 BPX_2422

rick wasn’t the only partner in making this place possible, they called it “big bang” and they put all the key characters on the coffee machine, the investors, the manager, and even me!