coffee… to go

coffee culture, like other western stuff in china is funny, it grows fast, it becomes really  good, and people are still not entirely aware of it, or its greatness. our neighborhood was filled with coffee shops that were always empty. i have no idea what their business plan is, but whatever works. coffee shops are not the only shops we see empty. there are also huge shops for dried fish all over the city, i’ve never seen a single person buy anything there, their product is also available in the supermarket, there also, i have never seen anyone even pause in that isle. or designer stores and boutiques, but their most obvious characteristic as a “boutique” is that they are empty.

back to coffee.

there are also some good roasters in ningbo, not many clients, but the coffee is getting better. green coast coffee have been roasting great coffee that they import from all over the world for years in ningbo, they changed location, reorganized, but the most important factor remains, great  coffee!

so i met with them to see their wide range of products and brainstorm with them about ways to improve their visual promotional material as well as introducing them to new clients.

one of the products they wanted to focus on was their coffee-to-go packs, that are single serving drip coffee packets, they come individually wrapped and vacuum sealed, and you can take them everywhere you go, with a wide variety of coffee flavors and if you order in quantity you can actually have your specific roast available like this with your label on it and everything.

I suggested to emphasize the ease of carrying these small packets around by showing regular daily activity while hauling a coffee machine with you, for a similar end result.


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