in the presence of greatness

so we’re leaving china. and we didn’t get to travel much. there’s so many beautiful places to see and awesome places to visit, but when you live in a place it’s very easy to miss out on some awesome stuff… but my wife insisted we go to beijing before we leave.

we went for a couple of days, we didn’t see the wall, we didn’t see the forbidden city, didn’t visit markets or temples or anything we thought we know already too well from our time in china. we checked out the stuff that really interests us.


we went to the olympic park and to see the CCTV headquarters at incredible blue sky conditions.


had some local food, some fresh beer by great leap in their original hidden hutong location, rode a trigshaw through the hutongs and on one of the taxi rides back to the hotel we spotted zaha hadid’s new commercial project that is so new that it isn’t operational yet, but it’s almost 100% complete, so we could walk through it, which is an amazing experience even if it wasn’t build by such an important architect, to walk through a  huge mall with no brands, nothing to buy and no one to bother you was pretty extraordinary.

leaving beijing, still beautiful blue skies, a very rare condition, but absolutely perfect for the greatness i was looking for in this city.

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