night snow

last night when we went to sleep it was snowing, and has been for more than 24 hours. that’s very rare in the part of china where we live.  last winter when we woke up to snow we had to rush downstairs very fast to snap a few pictures, because soon enough it all melted away. yesterday it seemed like everyone did the same, but though out the day it kept on snowing.
so at night when we had much more snow than in the morning i had to go out again and get more pictures.
it felt so out of place. reminded me of my time living in america in places with “real” snow and not just temporary flurries. returning home on snowy paths, watching your step not to slip, and enjoying the low light reflecting off the snow.
BPX_9263 BPX_9273 BPX_9290BPX_9276
BPX_9251 BPX_9283 BPX_9254BPX_9287BPX_9295 BPX_9298
BPX_9308 BPX_9339 BPX_9343 BPX_9345BPX_9368 BPX_9377 BPX_9382 BPX_9383

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