end of dinner

i’ve been wanting to post this for a while. chinese dinners have so many plates and you leave the table with so much mess, especially if you’re eating seafood, then it’s total massacre. so I’ve been collecting these, taking the best ones from our best dinners and the biggest and messiest tables, and didn’t really think about when will be a good time to say, “yup, i got it, lets post it!” and then i realized it’s 12.21.12 today, the only thing i can think about that is ending is dinner.
so cheers and beteavon to that!
BPX_4566 BPX_7293 BPX_6487
BPX_8266 BPX_8206 BPX_7932
BPX_6671 BPX_5133 BPX_2251BPX_0379

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