helvetica in hebrew

yesterday, after i posted the “raps” post, i got in the mood to get more involved with this pe’er project, so i made this graphic:

of course i don’t have a font in hebrew i like working with, and more than that, a font that would work well if i’m writing also in english. so i started playing around with the helvetica letters and Im actually pretty happy with this.

and then i thought i should try doing the whole alphabet, and that was today’s mission.
i started out, got a first draft, sent it to my friend, feedback was good, but he was right, it needed more work, and more work it got. and here’s what i came up with:

check out the peer is rap project page https://www.facebook.com/peerisrap

and listen to the raps here http://peerisrap.bandcamp.com/

the hand with the mic was inspired from a picture i took of Cohen@Mushon

that was also featured in this blog in the “taken in the dark” post

and of course on barangapix

if we’re already linkin’ … check out cohen@mushon

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