i love the dedication the kids here in china have to their homework. I thought about this for a while, and the pictures were actually taken a few months ago, but it was hard for me to explain why i want to post this. the pictures don’t show what it is that they do as homework, but it’s mostly repetition of characters, and it seems to be the only way you can actually learn to write in chinese the way they do; and that by itself raises a lot of questions. Questions about the structure of the language, the methods and literacy in general. But with all those aside, the dedication is what Im taking from all this.
so i couldn’t find a better time to post about dedication, late at night, knowing that i have to wake up early tomorrow, but new posts are always refreshing to me. and it’s not like i go to sleep late every night and wake up early and post in between, it’s just today, hoping that it will remind me to come back soon and post more interesting things.



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