umbrella season

took a break from posting… went to visit friends and family in israel… it was great, but this post couldn’t be farther from my experience over there… it was sunny and hot as hell our whole visit, back in china, we landed in crazy rain season, and sometimes, it’s crazy because there’s nothing crazy about it, but it rains for hours non stop, something that i can’t remember ever witnessing. other times it’s crazy because it can be scorching outside, Rè sǐ lè (hot to death) and then out of nowhere will start a thunderstorm.

anyway, this is not the weather report… I never liked umbrellas, they seemed bulky and uncomfortable when i was a kid, i never really minded getting wet unless it was really cold, but i mean really cold, and there’s something about the thought of being poked in the face by an umbrella that never seemed pleasant to me.  but all that changed after my visit to japan three summers ago, maybe because there were so many of them and no one got poked in the face. maybe because i got a kickass clear umbrella, which i later lost, but my friend aya got me another one when she went to tokyo a year ago.




the pictures were taken in tokyo, osaka, hong kong, ningbo, and tel aviv.

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