swimming in butter

i made this dish two nights ago for passover dinner. i’ve made this before with slight variations, and it always comes out great. I wasn’t sure if i should post this now, or maybe wait with it and post before a holiday, as a holiday tip when you are thinking of what to make, but i thought about it again, and  i can’t change anyone’s passover dinner, traditions are traditions, but this dish can be made whenever you want, and it may actually be even better if you don’t have a mass of hungries waiting for you.

juicy pot salmon
serves 3

what you need?
butter 150g
onion- two large- cut into big pieces
garlic- 10 cloves (at least)
pepper (ground or fresh) according to personal preference
cherry tomatoes – 500g- halved
salt- 2 tbspns
fish- 500g fillet (i used salmon this time, but it works well with other fish as well)
what to do?

melt the butter, add the onion, garlic and pepper

cook on a medium flame until onions become soft and a little golden
add the tomatoes
*i like sprinkling the salt over the cut tomatoes and let it settle for a few minutes while the onions are cooking for the umami 
cook, stir, cook, stir until the whole mix becomes juicy.
simmer and add the fish.
* you can cut the fish to portions before cooking, but leave the skin attached, for easier, cleaner and nicer presentation
keep pot covered for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the heat and size of the cut
serve on mashed potatoes or white rice.

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