girls dressed the same

Im really happy that our recent visit to hong kong ended up being longer than expected and we got a chance to see the kids going to school there.

every school has their colors and there’s something about it that adds elegance to the process of going to school, but also cuteness to these kids.

after taking a bunch of pictures (you can see the rest of them here) i thought to myself, the HK uniforms are great, but i should collect some other pictures of girls dressed the same, if it’s for school, work, fun, doesn’t matter, and post them.

for school:

kyoto, japan 2008

ningbo, china 2011

hong kong 2011

for performance:

hong kong, 2011

tokyo, japan 2008

kids fashion show
ningbo, china 2011

tokyo, japan 2008

some are hard to explain
hong kong 2011

or just to be part of the group

hong kong 2008

for work

workers debriefed before work in a clothing store
ningbo, china, 2011

cathay pacific will always have a warm place in my heart
taipei, taiwan, 2008

promoting hot dogs in tel aviv, 2010

and sometimes just for fun

tel aviv, 2010

hong kong 2011

tokyo, japan 2008

ningbo, china 2011

tel aviv, 2006

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