bowls of masabaha make you strong

we were in hong kong last week, and came back to china for a long weekend, so it’s really been a while since i posted anything. and i was already getting into quite a nice routine with this and other places i’ve been posting photos. but i lost my “power”… so it’s a good thing we got a package while we were away with chick peas and tehina… so we can get back to action.

for those of you who are not familiar with the concept of masabaha, it can easily be explained as chunky hummus, i figured that out yesterday when i tried to explain it to someone. but what it is, it’s tehina with chick peas, stirred not mashed and served hot, and it takes a few simple steps… you get of the house, go to yafo, get a bowl or take home, or both. but lets say you are not that close, and you want to make this at home… here’s what you do:

wash andย leave the chickpeas (2 cups) in water overnight. you can add some baking powder, so the chickpeas become softer. i like using baking powder better than baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) because it leaves less of an aftertaste.

rinse and wash the chickpeas

add whatever you want, and boil the chickpeas for at least an hour. baking powder and a little bit of sodium bicarbonate helps the chickpeas peel and soften faster. Onions, garlic, peppers, and whatever vegies you want can add to the mix, but are not must-haves.

making the tehina. what you need is only water and the raw tehina (1cup+1cup), some will argue that lemons are a must, but in the kitchen, i generally don’t like calling anything a must . personally, i like using freshly squeezed lemon juice with parsley, garlic (the more, the better) hot pepper, onion and a little bit of honey. i blend it all together, add to the raw tehina and then mix in the water by feel.

filter the peels

rinse, return to pot and mix in the tehina.

garnish with parsley, paprika, cumin (it’s good for your system) or whatever you like. serves four.

i think the most important thing about making any type of hummus at home, aside from using good and fresh materials, is not to try to imitate your favorite hummus place, it’s bound to fail. ย just make it your own, that’s what DIY is all about.


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