it’s all written

yesterday i started learning chinese. as expected, it’s not easy. I won’t be able to read the signs any time soon. but i hope they will still be entertaining.

the pictures in this post are from ningbo, vail, brekenridge, san diego, osaka, kyoto, kobe, tokyo and hong kong; it’s not all chinese.

safety first:

and if everything is cute, why not the cops?

i always enjoy a good warning from the elements.


i wouldn’t even think of golfing without this sign

these two look like they are saying “do you mind enjoying yourself without having fun?”


i love it when the animals take part in the process

would you like some religion with your burger?


in hong kong they find every empty spot to advertise something.

or build their spots.

in tokyo, neither the elephants nor the people are allowed to litter, but i think that’s generally a good rule.

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