taken in the dark

i was informed last week of a tel aviv nightlife photo event that took place a couple night ago. I checked the facebook page for the event and it said that a certain photogrpher has been taking amazing pictures of the tel aviv nightlife and they assume he’s not the only one, encouraging people to send in pictures of tel aviv nightlife… and i have heaps of those, so i chose a few and sent them in. one of my pictures advanced to the finals, not my favorite one of the bunch, but it didn’t matter, most pictures weren’t even depicting nightlife, most of them were pictures (some nicer than others) that by chance were taken at night. The exhibit itself didn’t show nightlife pictures either, it was uber photoshopped portraits of israeli celebrities that may or may not contribute to the israel nightlife scene.

here’s what i sent in and some more, and yeah, for fun, i also added some pictures that happened to be taken in the dark, if Im already posting:

taken outside and after a party at shor3… a promising venue that didn’t deliver all that it promised. but the flavor remained, so maybe that makes it better than the rest.

this picture was taken for layla (night) magazine for an article about drinking in the streets… they didn’t like it, and decided to post a picture of some guy drinking corona leaning on a mural, they explained that it was street art.

cohen@mushon, live at the block, not long before it closed.

yom kipur on rothschild blvd.

zebra days roof parties, from sundown to sunup, the best thing to do on a saturday night… hopefully you don’t have to work the next day.

peled has become a perfoming monster… he was amazing before i even met him, but he kept on getting better. only a few can.

one day i got a call from the snowboarding crew i was riding with and taking pictures for that they want to check something out… can we get ice from the fish market and hit a rail in tel aviv… the answer is yes, if you are pancho.

quami and the halvot opened for linkin park in the park… they put on a kickass show, and i thought i’d stay to the see linkin park, but the production crew didn’t make me feel welcome at all, and the music didn’t make it better.

no one understands what goga says when he’s on the mic… so i guess that no one knows why he’s so pissed off.

got no shame used to jump a lot in concerts. after their shows i’d declare the winner of the non-existent jump contest, in this case, shover won!

this guy was annoying, and he rightfully got punched in the chest, he wasn’t too happy about it, tho.

this is one of my favorite all time live show pictures. and i think it never gets the credit it deserves.  at this soon in here show i was in the crowd, gal was on stage, i noticed he’s gonna jump and we traded places, so i took this picture of him from the stage while he’s crowd-surfing and still playing.

this is the picture that was chosen for the tel aviv calling contest. it’s pretty late or pretty early at the barzilay club, while the club is taking it’s last breaths. took some years and a lot of parties to get all that gum there.

for more nightlife pictures, check out the “nightshift at the thrill factory” album on the barangapix page

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