playing games

i was never big on organized sports. maybe in the third grade, but not much after that. i always think it has something to do with little kids fighting and calling each other names when they are supposed to be out having fun, sounds weak, but i really don’t get it, televised sports i get even less, it makes sense to watch the superbowl in america, because that has nothing to do with sports, it’s all about drinking and eating fatty foods while placing random bets with friends and strangers to the background hum of nothing happening with the best commercials you can see, but again, it has nothing to do with sports. i can understand placing bets and having something on the line, then it really doesn’t matter if you are watching six dogs chance a mechanic rabbit or twenty-two monkeys chasing a ball, but this has nothing to do with all of that, or with skateboarding, that made more sense to me as a kid and still does. it’s about other things to do with beer and friends.

like driving to the suburbs to drive in the suburbs
maccabim-reut, israel, may 2006

frisbee golf, blacksburg VA, april 2004

fishing in osaka, japan, august 2008

fishing in harlem, NY, november 2003

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