Anat and Lamed – Part Three

because you know we couldn’t get enough of these two, we had to finish the festivities with something grand.
and grand it was. the finale was hosted at Ronit Farm. I shot the event with Noa Magger and Avichai Wechsler on video. With live music provided by Monti Fiori and Elad Ron from Zebra Music kept us dancing until our body was aching and then a little bit more.

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Anat and Lamed – Part Two

like i wrote in Part One of Anat and Lamed’s wedding, their celebration was split into three events. The second event was really cool, because they wanted to avoid the embarrassment of dealing with romantic couple photos, but still wanted to have them. The solution was to have a big picnic with friends, babies and pets, and this is what we got.

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life of a hustler

when i was invited to shoot the Hennessy bartenders’ convention in the Container the first thing i thought about was Li’l Jon and other rappers who are partying with cognac. Before the event they were telling us that it’s an international movement to bring cognac into the cocktail world, not just drinking it straight, but also in mixed drinks. and i thought, yeah, i know… crunk juice!
at the event, they served up some really cool cocktails, some were simple, some more sophisticated, but they were all delicious and they had lectures about the brand and how Hennessy is working hard to become more hip and a popular spirit in cocktail bars. In israel, the alcohol tax reform actually made cognac cheaper in the past couple of years, so it’s more of a reason.
I was truly surprised when they talked about rappers and how great their endorsement and free advertising is for the brand. I was happy to learn that Hennessy is embracing this energy, and mixing up a hell of a drink!

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Anat and Lamed – Part One

Anat and Lamed’s wedding was actually spread out over three events, which can be a bit hard logistically, but it was tons of fun for a whole month of festivities with a better chance for everyone to get what the want and be happy.  Weddings are meant to be meaningful and fun, why limit yourself to just a few hours of celebrations?
the first event was their legal wedding hosted on the roof of Brown TLV  with close friends and family, the events (and posts) to follow were a pre-wedding shoot in the form of a friends’ picnic, and a big wedding-wedding event.
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wedding albums

for wedding albums i decided i’d rather print and bind separately to have more control over the final product than what i can get from the wedding album places.
with this method, the size of the album can vary, the type of paper, the cover design and other elements that can help bring more character and finesse to the final product.

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building a ramp… and a society

selling clothes is so much more than selling and clothes when you care about what you sell and the people you sell it to. JinG is a clothing boutique, but it’s more. when they organize a yard sale it feels like the clothing just happens to be there. the real activity is on the ramp, around the grill or by the big fridge filled with beers.
a bunch of us come with our babies and toddlers, some are already big enough to ride the mini ramp. local skater kids come to skate, probably looking at us thinking “what’s up with these geezers and their kids, didn’t they used to skate also? Im never gonna be that guy” while we’re looking at them as live entertainment, in amazement of how much the skate scene has grown, how good the kids are and, a little bit like the geezers we are, sitting on the side, drinking beer, and enjoying the gladiator style physical entertainment.
call it what you will, we had a good time, everyone had a good time, we’re looking forward to many more gatherings like this in the future. my wife even asked me if i could imagine our little girl grow up to be one of these teenage skater chicks that comes to hang out in events and places like this, and of course i truly think it’s the best place i’d want my girl to be, but it got me worried about so many other things =)   #beingadad

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bike fest 2014

last night TEDER.FM hosted the second annual tel aviv bike fest, a few stands to fix and paint your bike, some stuff to buy, lots of people with bike, beer, music and even the MACH2 alleycat race.
not much to say, but i really wanted to post these photos, because they reminded me of the bike events we had in china.
cheers, lehaim and gambei!

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